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Can you have Polyamory in a BDSM relationship?

Originally posted on Lady of pure filth:
Random discussions have been occurring with me and different friends in regards to polyamory & it got my mind spinning.   What does polyamory mean to me?  Let’s be honest many people have their…

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Can you have a polyamorous triad with bdsm hierarchy?

Originally posted on Smiling Through the Evil:
I don’t like to write in exacts because I know how fluid life can be. I know that if I find someone I like – their personality, beliefs, they aren’t stupid, etc. –…

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Sex and Candy – Thoughts on Sex and Femdom

I admire and don’t mind submitting to my partner because of how she always “tops” me sexually and mentally. Continue reading

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Bar Buzz Summer 2016

Is sex addiction like drug addiction? Continue reading

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Polyamory just is

Polyamory might work for those who want to make their relationship more permanent Continue reading

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You could be #poly…and not even know it

“Poly isn’t like monogamy”, … “it’s where you make up the rules of who to play with” Continue reading

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Rules of engagement in kink?

Do bdsm relationships need an etiquette? Participants in bdsm negotiate before they engage in play. There are explicit and unspoken rules that are used in play parties. Many experienced in bdsm lifestyles maintain a thorough communication about aspects of the bdsm … Continue reading

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