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A Dominant Mind: A Dominant’s Perspective on Dominance and D/s

Originally posted on afarawayangel:
A special thank you to Reverend Danny Smite for his willingness to add his thoughts to my blog. It’s much appreciated, Rev and a very welcome addition. Why dominance? I’ve been pondering recently how I would…

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A Word About Polyamory

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Originally posted on The Misadventures of a House Mouse:
The word Polyamory is cropping up more and more in the daily conversations of people around the country. It is estimated that, as of July 2009, in the United States alone…

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Taking Our Traditional Marriage Up a Notch

some notes on how to step your #bdsm relationship: #mindFuck, #postMortem & lots of lube!

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What’s wrong with pro-dommes?

Are male-subs so addicted to pro-dommes that they chase non-sex-workers away? Continue reading

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Originally posted on cherrypi314:
I’ve struggled to find inspitation to write for some time now, but watching a documentary on asexuality ( (A)Sexuality, available on Netflix) has triggered my desire to write. It seems so strange to me that people…

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Originally posted on Slut, Ph.D.:
Good friend: “Welllll… You guys are ‘European married.’ It’s not really what other people think being married means. I’ve been asked the question before: “If you’re going to fall in love with and sleep…

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Alternative Therapy on Sale

save a little & get to know this author…maybe you’ll like!

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Still working on my next essay.

IOs there any solid research on #femdom relationships?

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Good Friends & Chosen Family

Originally posted on Modern Day Dirae:
In the LGBTQ communities, there is a lot of talk about chosen families. The original purpose of these families was, ostensibly, to serve as a replacement for families who had rejected their children due…

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In a Sub’s Words

I have lot of responsibilities at work, in my family and socially, and I like it the other way behind closed doors. To feel abandoned, to surrender body and mind, to give total control to a Mistress is what relieves…

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