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Rules of engagement in kink?

Do bdsm relationships need an etiquette? Participants in bdsm negotiate before they engage in play. There are explicit and unspoken rules that are used in play parties. Many experienced in bdsm lifestyles maintain a thorough communication about aspects of the bdsm … Continue reading

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who wants polyamory more – women or men?

Do women want monogamy more than men? Or, would they consider polyamory if the they weren’t held back by circumstances or societal norms? Here’s one person’s opinion about going back to monogamy: I am poly, and I will not give up my … Continue reading

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Open relationship vs polyamory – is there a difference?

I believe there is a continuity between open and polyamorous relationships. You can start in an open relationship that eventually  becomes a polyamorous one. For some,  having “sex first” (see note [1] below)  is the opening for possible polyamorous relationships (except … Continue reading

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Do we compromise ideal bdsm relationship away?

PV wrote her views on what she respects in a relationship with respect to polyamory: Want an openly non-monogamous relationship.I’ve tried monogamy and it doesn’t work for me. It never will and I will never promise monogamy to anyone. My … Continue reading

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Kink and Poly – get involved with others to prevent jealousy

Much has been written about the association of bdsm lifestyles and polyamorous relationships. For neophytes, their first relationships in bdsm often involved declarations of ownership that they may think is ‘exclusivity’, a feeling (based on a need?) of belonging to … Continue reading

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D/s couples engage in play outside their primary relationships

There is no surprise from my experience those in bdsm are often polyamorous either for play or sexually or both. The variations are almost as many as the people involved. People either consider their bdsm partner(s) as a primary one … Continue reading

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