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Thoughts on Loving Sadists

Originally posted on Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male:
A handful of recent conversations I have had with subs leads me to believe there is a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to lifestyle D/s involving sadists.  There seems to…

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Deal Breakers

Expectations of a lifestyle dominant…and things that would be a deal-breaker

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My BDsM aftercare kit

Originally posted on Nessbow:
Aftercare is one of the lesser-known aspects of BDsM.  It refers to the kind of care or treatment that a person needs after a BDsM scene to help them to relax and come back down to…

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My closet of shame, embarrassment and humiliation

How cultivating your fetish with your partner could lead to an awesome relationship!

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When the Master is away…

Originally posted on Misty Acres:
…the slaves… do everything pretty much exactly the same. It’s funny actually. I read a lot about power dynamic relationships and sometimes just reading about them makes me tired. They usually involve constant monitoring, constant…

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“A” writes his thoughts on our super hot threesome…

Originally posted on Polyagony or Polyamory:
I came up with the brilliant idea to have A write out his perceptions of our hot threesome with U.  Part of this was for my benefit.  The usually expressive man was speechless with…

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The Poly Must-Haves

Originally posted on Poly In the Belt:
Yesterday after a conversation that ended in an argument and after some reflection, I came up with this topic of discussion. There are many things within relationships that are a must, and some…

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