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How she was introduced to BDSM at Paddles

Originally posted on Philosopher's Stone Unturned:
I tried to introduce someone to BDSM once. We were partners on-and-off for three years.  I convinced him, after many months, to experiment with tying me up, or spanking me.  But I was…

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3 – First Spanking

Originally posted on Loving Discipline life:
So we are only just truly beginning this journey, but i feel inspired and excited and hopeful and turned on … all-the-time now. And i wondered what that “first time” would be like… first…

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His Hand Print- a spanking she will remember!

the more relaxed we are, the better spanking can feel Continue reading

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Some insights into how to administer spanking for pleasure or punishment

One of the most widespread uses of spanking is as a tool for putting the sub into what is commonly called “sub-space.” Continue reading

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aftercare in femdom & maledom play

If you switch during a #bdsm session, it’s not always clear about who should be giving aftercare to who. I looked into the question and found there’s no simple answer. The aftercare a dominant guy gives to a submissive female … Continue reading

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Guys! check out NN’s spanking stories

at this link:  

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