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Contemporary art linkĀ 

check out this artist! Dan Witz (1957, American) – Advertisements

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Position, Role, and Fetishism

Originally posted on Mistress Tissa's BDSMlog:
I believe one of the most pervasive misunderstandings in kink is the difference between top and bottom, Dominant and submissive, and fetishism. In My experience, this confusion is not limited to people who…

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Dating in the world of BDSM rant

Flr and femdom is a relationship…when it is perfectly normal for a man to be in charge in a relationship, it is also equally perfectly normal when a woman is in charge, as long as both parties agree that this … Continue reading

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Because I started a blog – 10 years as an accidental citizen of cyberspace

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
This time a decade ago, I was starting a blog. I was rather surprised to be doing it. I was not an online person. I did not tweet or Facebook. The internet hardly touched…

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Without a Collar

Originally posted on One Kinky Mother:
There comes a time in every submissives life when they are unowned, uncollared, by themselves. This is probably the hardest and most painful part of my life as a submissive, when I am without…

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507. Discussion Topic Write-Up: A Brief History of FLR and its place in and out of BDSM

Originally posted on Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male:
I am writing this from the standpoint of introducing these ideas and concepts as part of a Femdom discussion group and may include ideas and concepts that I have discussed in…

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Day 25 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2018

Originally posted on Slap Ass For Motivation:
Day 25 – Cock Drunk Primal ? Merry Christmas and a warm welcome to the final day of the kinky advent calendar 2018! Through these 25 days, I hope you got an idea…

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