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Replacement for Tumblr

Originally posted on Real Life Female Domination:
As most of you know, Tumblr is prohibiting adult content from 19 December 2018. A sad goodbye from me to nearly 19,000 followers. Has anyone got a good suggestion for a replacement site…

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tumblr will ban adult content soon – here’s what you can do about it

Mourning Tumblr’s pornographic content is more than mourning sexy GIFs. It’s mourning openness. Continue reading

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492. Service Term Creation: Compelled Service

Originally posted on Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male:
I was reflecting upon a few conversations I have had recently that brought me to write the post 487. Service: Thoughts on What they say vs. What they mean and I…

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BDSM and Kink for Beta males: The willingly cuckolded Dom and the beta cissy

Originally posted on The Reluctant Gentleman:
I once read somewhere on wordpress a short tale of a submissive woman’s chat with her D-type. She had recieved criticism from some people at a play party and she respectively confided in her…

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The Naked Interviews: Interview with a Porn Actor

Originally posted on Unicorn Hunting:
Welcome to the first of the naked interviews.? Stripped down, laid bare and naughty, let’s talk to people you might not meet every day and ask them the questions you really want to.? Are we…

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Day 2 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2018

Originally posted on Slap Ass For Motivation:
Day 2 – Sensory Play Primal & Sadism I always joke about that the blindfold is a Dominant’s best friend. They create anticipation and they make sometimes the mundane tasks of preparation feel…

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The fun, huge and intriguing BDSM umbrella

Originally posted on A Little’s Submission:
     What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see those 4 letters? If you are in the LS it’s most likely excitement and will probably branch out from…

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