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Kisses are the window to the soul

Originally posted on Life Secrets:
Eyes are the window to the soul. I personally do not think so. You know those people who have one night stands? what about those people who just wants to make out with a bunch…

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I Think I Might Be Bisexual, Now What Do I Do?

Originally posted on BisexualPlaygrounds:
What Does It Mean to Be Bisexual? Bisexual people have the capacity to love people of their same gender or of a different gender. This can include physical, sexual, and emotional attraction, and/or relationships. Over time in…

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A BDSM Scene – male dom, female sub

“Hit my cunt, please, sir” I mustered. “Stick your cunt out,” he said. I obliged him and stuck out my pussy. He began to whip my cunt with the handle of the whip. I laughed, deliriously, already high in my pain. Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Kink Journals:
Restraint can play quite a large role in some BDSM scenes. It has the power to be used to achieve different effects, it can be used to: Show dominance – The Dominant can use…

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Women who like bi-guys…and why

bisexual men may be encouraged to hear that there’s a solid community of women who express wholehearted …adoration for them Continue reading

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How to Love Your Anxious Partner — Love Letters to a Unicorn

Managing anxiety in yourself and in your relationships with protocols, feedback and specific plans for the future can keep it under control so you can enjoy the present:   Living with anxiety is a bitch. We all experience anxiety at … Continue reading

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Some guys are pillow queens with a partner who wants them to dominate…Why Some Guys Won’t Take Charge in Bed—No Matter What Their Partner Wants This is a post that leads into a larger article

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