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Femdom Games

Why do people get into femdom or bdsm relationships and why do they abandon them? Does love bring them together and eventually separate them? or does love have anything to do with the relationship? If you separate femdom relationship activity … Continue reading

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A Team – Ed Sheeran

I was getting ready to go out to work in Holbeck one evening, putting on my make-up, doing my hair and listening to Ed Sheeran’s album +.? I love this album, it always made me feel happy and nostalgic. It…

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Sex Work and Clothing

A generic getty image used in a Metro newspaper article What springs to mind when you think of a prostitute? Is it tight skirts, thick makeup, scraped up hair that is overdue a wash, high heels and breasts overspilling a…

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336. Hello from the kinky side

Originally posted on Domestic Discipline, Jenny style!:
I GHOSTED YOU, BUT I AIN’T DEAD I am happy to report I am not dead!?? I had a deep-seated need to disengage from my blog as well as from a handful of…

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Can BDSM be therapeutic?

Originally posted on Miss D:
Please note: while I work within the realm of mental health services as a Social Worker, I am by no means an expert. This is simply my opinion as someone who has personal experience with…

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Advice – Introducing metamours.

Originally posted on Tea Time with Tomato:
Photo by on “I [24F] am the hinge of a V and have been dating my nesting partner [23M] for a year and a half, and my boyfriend [29M] for about…

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The Sting of Rejection

Originally posted on boy stray:
Last month (December 2019) I submitted an application to join a small, gay men’s Leather club in my city. I assumed it was a simple formality to gather demographic information, and to learn about my…

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Considering Cross Dressing

Originally posted on submission2word:
Carefully covered, In my wardrobe, I keep a bag of undies. When I feel inclined, I dress up. In frilly knickers, I feel?aroused, excited; I leak pleasure and I feel ready to submit. My dressing…

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Made to Maid

Originally posted on submission2word:
This little CD Maid, made over for #Lingerie is for everyone …. Being dearest ‘Susie, in lil ole sub space…. “This morning, I rose promptly at 7.30am to make myself presentable for the good lady…

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Contemporary art link 

check out this artist! Dan Witz (1957, American) –

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