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Sex workers on the run…from internet censorship

Originally posted on The NYC Source:
Hello Switter… Are you a place where nipples run free and I don’t live under the shadow of a ban all the time? 🤸 #FemDom #Domme #HongKong #Singapore

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Credit Card co’s suppression of #bdsm moves to #twitter & #patreon

There is little we can do except to share links to important articles from sex bloggers. Continue reading

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Should Porn Studios Shut Down over a HIV scare?

If the industry were to abide by the regulation, condoms would have to be worn not only during anal and vaginal sex, but oral sex as well…facial cumshots, aka the “money shot” for many porn scenes, would either be eradicated or would require the recipient to wear goggles and a surgeon’s mask Continue reading

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Social Media engaged in #sexualStigma?

shrinks prefer to think of #bdsm practices as a treatable illness…social media and their conservative financial backers will continue to censor anything they consider objectionable Continue reading

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