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Humiliation & Degradation in BDSM

humiliation can cause significant emotional damage to the bottom or
it can create a deeper trust between top and bottom Continue reading

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BDSM Dating

Flr and femdom is a relationship…if it is normal for a man to be in charge in a relationship, it is also normal for a woman to be in charge Continue reading

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Dating in the world of BDSM rant

Originally posted on Bend over for Me:
I always see that bdsm dating is just like vanilla dating, you are just adding another level of compatibility to the equation, which makes it close to impossible to find the right match…

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Because I started a blog – 10 years as an accidental citizen of cyberspace

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
This time a decade ago, I was starting a blog. I was rather surprised to be doing it. I was not an online person. I did not tweet or Facebook. The internet hardly touched…

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BDSM Bondage

Bondage is used by a dominatrix to get her partner to focus on his submission to her Continue reading

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