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If you’re working toward a #bdsm lifestyle choice, here is a link to an example of one of the more restrictive rules for a male sub.
Most guys probably can’t live up to these rules all the time. Of course, if they slip up they are often punished. The #bdsm relationship is reinforced and #TPE is established.
Naturally, many cannot live the lifestyle totally due to work or social comittments. This may serve as a goal or possibly a fantasy that you may attain someday.

life in chastity

Female Led Relationships By Mistress Christianna 1. The submale must always practice traditional courtesy which men have shown Women in polite society, whether in private or public. Stand when She enters the room. Sit (or kneel) as soon as She is seated. 2. Be totally attentive: open doors, wait at table so that She begins…

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One Year a Slave

A male slave celebrates his first year anniversary of becoming Madame Catarina’s property


unnamed (2)

It is exactly one year ago today that I had the unimaginable honour of becoming Madame Catarina’s property. Although I had been Madame Catarina ‘s slave prior to this momentous event and been baptized by her two years previously it was not until this day last year after years of rigorous training and testing that Madame Catarina decided to take complete ownership of me.

The exact contents of the contract are personal and between Madame Catarina and myself but suffice to say Madame Catarina has ownership and control of me since that day.

In a short ceremony I was allowed to kneel naked before my Mistress (naked apart from collar and lead and my tags of ownership…of course. Madame Catarina signed the contract and then I signed. My first duty as Madame Catarina’s property was to pour her a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and then to pour myself a…

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The Naming of Dommes

what are the name(s) of your domme?

The Prattlings of a Pervert

The Naming Of Dommes
by SaintSeverin (with more than a little help from T. S. Eliot)

The Naming of Dommes is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your grovelling games;
You may think at first I’m as thick as a paddle
When I tell you, a Domme must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

First of all, there’s the name that the sisterhood use,
Such as Empress, The Lady, Domina or Nell,
Such as Portia or Genevieve, Guinevere or Madge–
All of them sensible everyday names.

There are fancier names if you think they sound sweeter,
Some for the bitches, some for the queens:
Such as Madam, Pertunia, M’Lady, The Goddess–
But all of them sensible everyday names.

But I tell you, a Domme needs a name that’s particular,
A name that’s peculiar, and more dignified,
Else how can she keep her singletail poised,
Or spread out her floggers…

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free #kink #bdsm #erotica #kindle 8-06-16 18:00 PT

If your curious about #bdsm check out “bdsm for beginners” !


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featuring the short stories of Allysin Range &  Aira Endwell

Slave For The Demon
Slave For The Demon
A young slave woman from the mine pits, chosen as a sacrifice.
A demon of insatiable lust.
What will happen when he takes her as his own?
I did not know when I awoke that today would be unlike any day I’d ever known before. Today, I was picked for the Master and freed from the slave pits. I have been chosen as a sacrifice for a demon called forth from Hell. A demon of insatiable lust. A demon who demands utter obedience, inflicts pain, and takes whatever he wants. I will be all his, utterly and completely. I will pleasure him in every way I know how. I want him, more than I’ve ever wanted anything before.

This story features…

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5 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

Some reasons women might fake an orgasm…and how to survive the experience!

What I Write


A lot of women have done it. I’ll refrain from using the word “most.”

Through a range of reasons, women have faked orgasms. Men have too, but at a much less frequency. Interestingly enough, a study found that one in three men admit to faking orgasms. So, if you think your man is immune, perhaps think again. That might be a blog post for a different time.

Seven out of ten women admit to having faked an orgasm. Here are some reasons why.

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You guessed it- still in trouble

a look into #DD…a link to a sample contract…and how it can be limiting


My master has a mentor who drives me crazy! He gives him all kinds of crazy strict advice. I think if he didn’t have this mentor, he would be easier to talk to about not having as crazy strict rules. I think that is why the following story is so extreme.

Anyways, I recently broke lots of rules and these rule breaks affected my health. Well, I was originally assigned about 75 seats with every tool he has. Ok, that’s significant. But, I think his mentor talked him out of that plan. Because now he has said I am grounded to my room until September. This means When I get off work and I am home, I cannot leave my room without permission. I can’t even go to the bathroom without permission. I also will get spanked EVERY DAY I am grounded. Yikes!

So I am getting spanked until September!…

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D/s Relationships: a big question.

How couples in a D/s relationship might need to reconsider some of their practices when they move in together

katanas toy

weddingCakeMy owner raised a big question: when are we going to move in together?

Now while my owner is prone to fluctuations on even such matters of this and I should wait to see if this remains a plan,  it still raises the consideration, “what do I actually wish from a D/S relationship?”

How will D/s interact with daily life, and who will become aware of the nature of our relationship?

I believe in gender equality, rather than superiority of one gender over another.  To me this means equals overall, rather than equals in everything.  Equal in a right to form an opinion.  To me it is normal that the male has the greater physical strength and physical power.  To me it is normal the woman holds the greater power in the relationship.

To quote Elise Sutton:

Wives have dominated husbands behind closed doors since the beginning of human history…

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