Dominants have to care for their submissive’s well being for the relationship to last… D/s is an Equal Exchange

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wishes really do come true

A team spank-down of the Star of the show…bondage-a-go-go Chicago

domme de plume

I get really excited about Thursday nights, partly due to the specific play scenarios I hope to be able to indulge in.  For instance, here’s a quote I posted to social media a day before the event:  “Tomorrow is Bondage A Go Go, and I’m really excited to play. My particular goal for tomorrow evening is to find some human who will let Master Hawke and me work them over in tandem. Here’s my wishlist: The subject should be rope bound, facing down, perhaps blindfolded. Then I will begin with a corporal warm up, then Master Hawke will subject our specimen to some rough handling, then I might do some more corporal (if they can handle it). The cool down: pressure points + sensory play. Too intense for some, but lots of fun for the right person.”

Gentle readers, I got my wish and then some.  Allow me to introduce The Woman…

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Interview with Deborah Anapol, Mother of the Poly Movement

The curse of poly…it illuminates the shadows we choose to ignore .

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Contradiction and Questions

Is it possible to be compassionate and sadistic? Can one be a compassionate sadist?


I am a nice person. I’m kind, compassionate, caring. I enjoy building people up and making them feel good about themselves. It’s one of my favourite things to do actually. I also love it when I can say or do the right things to make someone feel better when they are down. I guess it’s why I became a social worker.

Even the cruel way I talk to the toy. I know he gets off on it. It feeds his subspace. He is an emotional masochist. So he benefits from my cruelty, making it ok to treat him that way.

The Contradiction

But truth be told, I enjoy it too. I get off on treating him cruelly. This is my sadistic side. I enjoy it when others suffer for me. Even when they don’t get off on pain (although I prefer it when they do).

The pet and my husband…

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Stages of dress: Display vs Humiliation

What can a sub guy wear…to display he is owned by another?

katanas toy

lovebirds_01lHow I am dressed in public with my owner can be to humiliate me, but it can also be part of saying who I am and who my owner is.

At one time, society was so strict that a even couple holding hands in public was frowned upon, even though it is human nature for a couple to display signals that show they are a couple.  Kissing and more intense displays may still attract comments, but generally are now accepted by society.

The next barrier was for homosexual couples.  Could they hold hands?  Could they clearly signal they were a couple in public?

Have we reached the level of enlightenment that a D/s couple can display their relationship status in public?

“in outfit”, with shoes locked, led by a leash with a gag in place is clearly too extreme for most general public outings.  My simply wearing panties under outer…

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A Spoonful of Cum Helps the Husband be Submissive

How she teased him into a ruined orgasm…and degraded him when he came!

Her Wish - My Command

It was Monday, the day after Sweetness’s back massage where she decried from now on I would be required to go above and beyond in order to receive my weekly orgasm. She also made it clear that this extra effort was to focus on her personal pleasure not just extra time doing chores.

“My Love, I am impressed. You have earned back your orgasm for tonight but, as stated, it will be ruined.” It was a matter-of-fact statement but there was an underlying devilish tone to it. I didn’t think much of it as I was excited about the words. I get to cum tonight! “Thank you Sweetness. I am happy you approved of my effort.”

The evening seemed to drag on. “Let’s go upstairs so you can get your reward.” Finally. I was like a dog ready to go on a car ride and was in the bedroom waiting…

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Pushed by pet

when a submissive refuses an order from his dominant…he may increase her domination!


Time to talk about my pet and his uncanny ability to know, across many miles and through a screen, just what I need. Whether it’s intentional or not, it seems to be this way with him.

The past couple of days I’ve been feeling vulnerable. It’s hard to be dominant when one feels vulnerable. I try. I don’t stop. Because it’s important to me I keep going. But it’s not the same.

Pet is there no matter what mood I’m in. He offers to just sit and listen while I vent. He tries to make me laugh with his silly jokes. But most of all, he doesn’t push me. Until today. Until I needed to be pushed.

Pet is very obedient. He doesn’t give me any trouble, unless it’s done as a tease, because he can be pretty cheeky. But today was different. I gave him a direction to carry…

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