My BDsM aftercare kit

subs may do well to prepare their own custom aftercare kit – here’s an example


Aftercare is one of the lesser-known aspects of BDsM.  It refers to the kind of care or treatment that a person needs after a BDsM scene to help them to relax and come back down to earth.  BDsM can be an intense physical and emotional experience, and endorphins and adrenaline can run amok in your body during a scene.  Afterwards, your brain chemistry begins to return to normal which can be a jarring experience.  Aftercare is a way to ease yourself and your play partner back into reality to avoid a sudden drop.

Depending on the type of play that you’ve engaged in, aftercare may also involve first aid treatment, such as cleaning wounds, dressing bruises and tending to sore muscles.

The type of care each person requires after a BDsM scene will vary from person to person.  Some people require a lot of aftercare, some need little or none…

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My closet of shame, embarrassment and humiliation

How cultivating your fetish with your partner could lead to an awesome relationship!

Female Domination, Discipline, and Control Centered on Cross Dressing Male Submissives

I cannot help myself.  I cannot resist putting on dresses, skirts/blouses, nightgowns, wigs, high heels with all the complete feminine undergarments; panties, bra’s, corsets, pantyhose, garter belts and stockings.  I have become totally addicted, including lipstick, lip-gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and jewelry. 

This is the contents of my closet at home. A complete total feminine wardrobe in every respect.  

Reference Background--

The closet I always dreamed of.  The one where Mommy, Sister, Wife, Mistress or Daughter would lead me over to.  The one where I would be asked. 

  • “Whose clothes are these?”
  • “Who brought these clothes?”
  • “Who went in stores (like Forever 21 or Charolette Russe) dressed as man, picked them out and tried them on before they brought them?”

After confessing that all the above was true.  They chuckled and giggled as they selected my bra, dress, corset, high heels and wig.  Told that I must dress in the clothes and…

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When the Master is away…

How a M/s poly family can prevail when the master is away.

Misty Acres

…the slaves… do everything pretty much exactly the same. It’s funny actually. I read a lot about power dynamic relationships and sometimes just reading about them makes me tired. They usually involve constant monitoring, constant sex and kink play and that ever long list of rules, protocol, contracts, limits etc in order to be considered “true” and “real”. I can’t help but wonder if these folks ever just sit and have a regular conversation? How do they pay their bills and when in the hell do they sleep?

Our Knight is going to be working away from home for most of the week and as such we probably won’t have much time to talk. His absence will affect us all differently, but we will all be affected, including himself. While not being able to have our nightly video chats will be a huge downer for me and not having him…

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“A” writes his thoughts on our super hot threesome…

How a poly event can retain D/s hierchy (a dominant scening with 2 subs)…and be hot!

Polyagony or Polyamory

I came up with the brilliant idea to have A write out his perceptions of our hot threesome with U.  Part of this was for my benefit.  The usually expressive man was speechless with the capacity to say: “It was fun.  It was super fun. It was amazingly fun.  It was fantastically fun.” His expert use of adverbs aside, it wasn’t exactly the debriefing I was hoping for.  I was delighted when he wrote out his thoughts for me.  I had no idea he experienced nerves going in and it is so great to read how he feels about the same events we lived together.  
Other than a bit of copy editing, his words are his own.
So Friday night: You keep asking me to write out my feelings and thoughts and how I’m processing the events that happened.  I’m not sure what to say, but you can take some…

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The Poly Must-Haves

Some elements that are necessary for poly relationships…can you think of others?

Solo Poly in the Belt

Yesterday after a conversation that ended in an argument and after some reflection, I came up with this topic of discussion. There are many things within relationships that are a must, and some of those are an amplified must in poly relationships. This is not implying that polyamory is somehow more important or more deserving than monogamy – only that logistically speaking, the larger the polycule, the greater the chances of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, etc. After all, the more humans you are working with, the more chance you have for human error. Again, I am no relationship expert, but from my experiences in life I have found the following to be appropriate. If you feel like I’ve missed some, let me know.

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The super hot Threesome

How a FMF 3some can be successful with minimal jealousy…and highly arousing with polyamorists !

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The dynamic’s of a polyamory type mmf ,triad relationship

does a mmf poly relationship necessarily have cuckolding dynamics? A look into the psychology of cuckolding

Polyamory "Triad" relationships

My first encounter with anything of this nature was back in 1980’s when married

I want to say now,,that if a guy reading this,thinks he fits the profile of being a “Cuckold” please watch Dr.Dawn Michael’s you-tube video’s on the subject….video’s

I willingly encouraged my then wife to be with another man,she and I where young..we had experimented with being in same room with another couple(m/f) yet no sexual contact with them.

I know I didn’t realize why it was so erotic to myself..(I at that time never even heard of the term “cuckold”) yet that is what I soon would become.

I was so needing her to do this,I bought her sexy clothes,for her to wear with her soon to be lover.

She already had someone that was interested in her,so that was the easy part,all she had to do is say “yes” to him.

article Cuckolding: The…

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