A deep seeded need for bdsm…

“a dominant will present you with a challenge, push you past where you are, almost into another real”…some great insights into the dynamics of a lifestyle bdsm relationship!

This is my kinky life...

There are many reasons to enter our way of life, but not everyone stays and calls it a lifestyle. Some feel a deep seeded need of not belonging to the ‘vanilla’ world in which we are all born into. We have these desires of dark and twisted things. The need to be overpowered, taken against our will. The need to spank,tie up, or use another human being for our dark desires. We are the freaks, but that’s what the world would have us believe. But are we?

I don’t know about you, I can only speak for myself. But I had this feeling of not belonging since I was young. At 6 yrs old I was raped repeatedly by 2 grown men. At 8 yrs old wound up in a foster home for over a year, I was beat daily from top to bottom. Once my mom got me back…

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How Did This Happen? (Conclusion)

Guys, how you may someday be propositioned to accept a #bdsm #lifestyle relationship…get ready for it

The Need To Be Taken


How Did This Happen? (Part 1)

How Did This Happen? (Part 2)

She then told me to stay at the position that I was in. She left the room and went to play some music. This scared me. Was She turning up the music so no one could hear me scream? What was She up to? She came back and asked me if I thought She would be this stern? I quickly answered no and left it at that. She smiled and said that She is a sadist. That scared me. She said She enjoyed seeing a man in intense pain. She only gets wet when seeing a man beg for mercy. She can only become horny when seeing a man in torment because of Her. She asked me if I wanted to leave. She quickly stated to answer the question correctly for this is the MOST important decision in…

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Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

some people love the ones that hurt them the most…

The Need To Be Taken

happenAs I followed Her to the dungeon, She slyly looks back at me promising with Her eyes, the torture I’m about to endure at Her hands. She looked absolutely stunning in Her 5 inch high heel boots, perfectly manicured nails, pretty, long hair and just the most magnificent face imaginable! But with that look in Her eyes, I just knew that innocent look wouldn’t excuse the evilness lurking inside Her mind!!! 

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Who Needs a Female Led Relationship?!?

Guys, you may fantasize about what you’d expect in a #FLR but ultimately it’s what your partner wants

Property of Eve

FLROk, so, as recently as a few years ago, i started reading and researching Female Led Relationships. As a submissive man, this was very intriguing and a little different than your ‘standard’ domination role, in my opinion. So, like a man who believes in growth, my interests started leaning towards embarking on a FLR (Female Led Relationship). The excitement being that i would still being able to ‘submit’ but in a different aspect that doesn’t necessarily, primarily, dwell on dominance. More along the lines of role play, but in a switched role.

i read articles online, looked at blogs, even discussed it with several scene people, since the dynamics of it seemed exciting. Then i met Miss Eve……

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Fear May be the Prime Motivator

If you place yourself in Her hands you will be vulnerable to Her rule…and the fear of disappointing her will motivate you to do better

Property of Eve

FearYes, fear can motivate people to do the smallest of things. It can also ‘encourage’ others to stay on the right path instead of suffering the consequences of any action. It can also stop you from advancing based on something that, if taken away, can be beneficial.

Fear of losing someone you care about forces you to right whatever wrong you’ve done. Or, it makes you realize the emptiness that may transpire if you lose the one you want to be with and/or serve.

There’s also the fear of upsetting the one you serve. Fear that making Her upset will lower your standing with the one you serve and admire. Although it’s already been established that You are lower than Her. But, the notion that you want to be seen in a favorable light works against you, if that fear of upsetting Her happens. No one wants to upset the…

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Finding My Footing

How starting with simple duties like making him put her shoes on…can lead to bigger tasks in a #FLR

Diva's Loving Leadership

Happy feet 2 Happy feet 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m very sensitive when it comes to the issue of feet.

I love getting a pedicure, but I am leery of anyone who wants to make the moves on my feet.

I flinch whenever it comes to the foot scraping and even the foot massage portion of this event at my local salon.

Only once have I ever had anyone who could take my feet in his hands and pretty much bring me to orgasm, simply by rubbing my feet the right way. I’ve let a few others try, since, but I have yet to have anyone else be able to love my feet the way that he did.

Lately, my feet have become symbolic, particularly as I am learning to take my own role, in loving female leadership, more seriously. I’ve been trying to find my footing in how to…

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He’s A Good Pet

some simple rules used to maintain an ongoing #FLR…and get more devotion from her pet!

Diva's Loving Leadership

The Big Cat Good Pet (Photo credit: Christina Saint Marche)

At least, he’s trying to be.

Ever since he read Worshipping Your Wife, he seems like a changed man.

His attitude, has changed. He seems to be taking admonishment and punishment with a little less grump. When he does get grumpy, he seems to be trying his best to conceal it better, although now I’ve noticed that he’s begun mumbling to himself, more often.

He texts me, every day, with comments like, “Even though I have given you much resistance I am happy to be your pet. I love you Diva” and “I adore you I love you I cherish you my Diva I am your pet“.

I’m really impressed with his progress. He really seems to be taking everything to heart. I can tell on one hand that he’s kind of faking it, but sometimes, faking…

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