Submissive Cub Late Night Confession: A Short Story

How a guy cannot be bisexual around his family & friends…but enjoys it when ordered by his dominant!

Betina Cipher



“Hmm, yes dear.”

“Can I ask you something?”  It was during the deep, rosy hours of the night before the dawn turned the air to milk.  In the dark, clean and naked, lying alongside the languorous form of his Mistress after hours of hard play, a thought was keeping him awake.

“You just did,” she yawned and squeezed him.  “Of course you can.”

“Do you think I’m bi?”

She shifted in the bed so she could turn her face toward him before answering.  “I think it’s up to you if you want to use that word or not, my love.  Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

“Fuck yes.  It was amazing.”  his whole body was still simmering from the proper pounding Mistress’s bull had given him earlier.

“Then I think it’s just how you want to define yourself. It’s hard for young men to find themselves sexually attracted to other men…

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12 Things I Love About Breaking in a New Submissive Cub

qualities in a young guy that a domme looks for in a future relationship – he takes pleasing to the next level where he gets turned on by the idea of being used

Betina Cipher


Oh man.  Where to begin. My target demographic is rare.  It’s not easy to find a young man who submits naturally, who has the maturity and sensibility to let an older woman command him.  He also has to meet some basic standards like: hygiene, regular exercise tempered by the occasional book.

It’s also scary.  It fucks with their basic sense of manliness to have a woman in control and totally uninhibited.

And then there’s manners. Young men don’t have the lock on bad manners, but they regularly win the passive-aggressive, game-playing, bad communication award.

So when I do find that rare bird who is intelligent, strong and sensitive enough to surrender, I get positively giddy.  It’s like Christmas for me, except I only get to open one, delicious present.

This particular gift was dreamy: he’s lean with a narrow, avian face, soft, warm eyes the color of the sea on…

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Michelle is on the Road

A good spanking…is hard to find!

Someone's Gonna Get It

and ready to spank some bottoms. One of the warmest, most caring spankers around has a few openings. You should jump on this.


Detroit December 13th

2017 Dates

Tampa, Florida January 15-17

Newark, NJ February 7-9  and as always, let her know Andy Sent Ya!

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Day 8 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016

To gag or not to gag…here are some thoughts on gagging in a bdsm session

Slap Ass For Motivation



Welcome to Day 8 of the Kinky Advent Calendar 2016! I know there are ladies out there, and why not men too, who like to moan a lot. I’m definitely one of those, I’m very vocal and very loud with both pain and pleasure. I don’t do it consciously though, they just come out, and hearing myself vocalizing my feelings doesn’t turn me on. What turn me on though, is the sounds I made when I’m gagged. Because when I’m gagged, I don’t need to considerate to the neighbors or whether I’m being too loud. I can scream as loud as I want through my gag and I love the sounds I make. Every muffled cry and scream reminds me of where I am and what I’m doing, it keeps me in subspace and keep me floating just above oblivion at the same time. If that makes any sense.

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Bondage kit product review

if you are looking for a bedroom bondage starter kit – a review of 2 bondage kits…in time for the holidays

​So we got a package through from in fact two packages to review.

The packaging is awesome, it looks luxurious and expensive, within the box is a mesh draw string bag which gives a nice feel to the whole unboxing experience.

Package 1:

Okay it has to be said that this is very much an entry-level bedroom bondage kit – but its fun, and it manages to avoid feeling tacky. The blindfold works fully cutting out vision, the fur’esq lining isn’t irritating which many are.

As a sadist it won’t come as a surprise that I looked at the feather tickler with a sense of dismay…however I soon found a way to make it hurt.

There is a “air hole” ball gag in the kit. Now I have a big a problem with these. Saliva and bacteria get into the ball through the holes and there is…

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The Blind Spot—Because DENIAL Makes for Excellent Fiction

Guys! Some interesting notes on how to make your character distinctive…from a wound located in their blind spot that is eventually revealed when under pressure from a plot problem…and pump up the interest in the story:

Last time we talked about The Wound and how this wound is what drives a character and his or her choices. But here is the thing, almost always the protagonist has no clue they even have a wound and that is because of the blind spot.

via The Blind Spot—Because DENIAL Makes for Excellent Fiction — Kristen Lamb’s Blog

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Guys: Do tight abs matter?


“crunch” your abs more, engage your transverse abdominals, and keep your back safely supported


which one would you vote for?

By engaging your pelvic floor before and during any abs exercise you perform, you better engage your transverse abdominals

20 Tricks to Get Tight, Toned Abs Faster



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