C.E.I within the World of Femdom (Female Dominance)

Should a dominant order a guy to eat his own cum…if he’s never done it before?


CEI, short for Cum Eating Instruction, is a BDSM activity in which an individual, usually a submissive man, is told to consume his own semen. CEI usually takes place under the instruction of a female dominant during activities like jerk-off instruction (JOI), though, as with all fetishes, rigid rule structures don’t always hold.

FemDom: What is It, What Does it Mean?

Female dominance, also known as femdom, is the term for a BDSM relationship or scene in which a female is the dominant or top partner. This dominant female may go by any one of several names to her submissive, including Mistress, Domme, Madame, or Dominatrix. Femdoms often engage in BDSM activities with their subs, including rough play, bondage, JOI, forced orgasm, forced feminization, forced chastity, humiliation, pegging, and cum eating instruction.

CEI: How Does it Work?

Generally, cum eating instruction works in one of two ways: either the sub…

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2 plus 1 = threesome, pt. 1


Most threesomes are hetero couples looking for a female unicorn. But there are occasions when…bingo! guy, you’re in.

It’s lucky that the bar business is slow these days so I can close early and have a party with some patrons.

Usually, it’s a couple sipping their brew in the back of the room, stealing glances my way. When I shout “last call” she nudges her bf. He walks up to me as I’m clearing the bar.

“What’ll it be?” I ask.

“Hey,” he says, “are you that porn actor in those college jock clips?”

“Yeah,” I say, “I’ve been in some”. His eyes are beaming.

“You guys must have a lot of fun,” he smiles, “all those threesomes.” Most of my clips were usually me dropping in on a couple of bros for something like a pizza delivery in the first scene and then we’re all naked on the couch in the next scene. And then a 3-way with every possible move between us.

“Yeah, you into threesomes?” I ask. It’s then when I can tell how much he might be interested in a 3way. If he blushes, he’s a shy first timer. If he stalls, I say: “you wanna?” When you’re both a little drunk, restraint disappears.

“Yeah,” he’ll say, “what time are you off?”

I usually pad my TO to include a shower, a change of underwear, packing my bag with lube and condoms.

“Let’s make it 10:30,” I say, “your place or mine?”

He almost always wants it to happen at his place b/c his partner has to be there.


Working with a hetero couple has some tricky aspects. Guys usually cannot come to grips with their urges so you have to give them another way out. Yeah, he’s a bromo b/c his partner cannot keep up with his urges, or maybe she’s in her monthlies. But she doesn’t want him to stray into the backroom of the bar where I often conduct business. Besides, many women get aroused watching guys, especially their guy, do things. They often tell me (when they’re away from their man): “I never knew he liked the stuff you did to him last night, ” etc.

It’s not like I have a special skill – although many years of #SW has taught me a thing or two – a guy often knows what turns on another guy and it’s a skill anyone can learn.


When I get to their place they let me in and offer me a beer. Normally I don’t drink b/c it weakens my wood but if they have beer breath, you might as well do likewise. I just take a few sips and leave the rest when I finish the job and become dehydrated.

We’re all sitting there on the couch usually watching a pointless movie. His hand wanders over my engorged crotch. I encourage him. There’s some small talk from her and a mumble from him. He’s getting into the mindset. She usually finds an excuse to go to another room.

I unbutton his pants, unzip his fly and explore. He does the same to me. We’re both hard. Then we’ll turn to face each other to make the bro signal. You read their expression – if he wants to top or bottom me.

Then the bottom gets down on their knees before the top and peels off the top’s pants. Their mouth wanders to the center of the top’s desire.

Experienced guys will immediately go for the money as time is precious. Newbies want to explore. The top will pace their efforts.

And then the lip-smacking and the moans. I moan a lot not b/c I’m having the most aroused moment of my day – especially if I’ve done things with other partners earlier – but b/c I’m encouraging him to keep going in the same direction. More sucking here, go deeper, use your tongue, bite me a little there, squeeze my ball-sac, etc.

If I’m working him I have to read his body language. If he flinches and backs off, I’ve gone too far and I have to take it down a notch. If he’s really moaning – and you can feel his moans resonate throughout his body – I work him harder to the edge and then back down.  I don’t want him blowing his load too soon.


Eventually, the top’s cock head is getting too sensitive and he’ll push the bottom away b/c he wants to finish himself off. When I’m the bottom, I typically mount the couch or the floor, whichever seems the most flexible. If he’s the bottom, I have to gently order him to assume the position.

This is where guys usually do what they have always done in similar situations. The mount, the insertion, the in & out. The I/O can go on for a long time if the top has a lot of stamina. I can outlast most guys b/c I’ve drained myself earlier with other partners and the poppers or cialis/viagra are sustaining my wood. It’s poor form for an experienced #SW to blow his load before their client’s. You do whatever is necessary to make them satisfied.

For some inexplicable reason, the woman usually re-enters the room when things are getting hot and heavy. But by then you and the guy are in too deep to care. You both have one goal in mind: to get off!


Maybe it’s the sudden change in body language, maybe it’s the smell of sweat and cum. Whatever it is, everyone in the room knows what just happened.

If he’s bromo, the scene is over. You finish your drink, put your clothes on and slip out of their place. Usually, he’ll turn his attention to his partner and satisfy her.


If he’s bi, he might reciprocate. For many women, the show has just begun. They want to see the second act. After that, they want to be the star performer in the third act.

This is where a true threesome can happen. But I’ll have to save this for a future post. The bar is closing and I have business to attend to!



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Liebster Award

If you have a new blog and want to be discovered… consider the liebster award!

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“My ex called herself an Asian F**k doll”

When your dominant stands you up…is it time to bail on him?

Dating pains

When I asked him what all his Asian ex-girlfriends had in common,  he didn’t have to think long. They were fit [toned bodies], they looked up to him, and liked that he looked after them financially.  I asked why he broke up with his last girlfriend, apparently she wasn’t a great conversationalist, I got the feeling neither were the others. I thought if I could figure out what his ex’s were like, I could figure him out, and I could finally understand what was going on between us. I’m a hopeless romantic, did getting my heart broken really change my tastes this much. So I told him I’m nothing like them, I can’t worship you, I’m not as fit as them and I’ve always looked after myself financially, I can’t be your Asian-like sex doll.  He thought about it for a few seconds and said “don’t worry, we’re going to…

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Are you inhibited b/c you’re afraid of messing up the sheets

Try a set of these sheets and you’ll let go of your inhibitions:

via How I Taught Myself to Squirt Like a Porn Star with Sheets of San Francisco and the Njoy Pure Wand

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I don’t like to use lipstick…but


she’ll apply her lipstick on my lips…because

she wants to remember where they’ve been


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199. An Open Marriage!?

an “open marriage” is how you & your partner define it. Here’s DDJennifer and Mike’s definition.

Domestic Discipline, Jenny style!

199It’s about time for another general musing post, this time addressing my feelings about sex with Matt.  

Ultimately, yes, we have an open marriage.  Like any kink, when it comes to labels – what things are, what they mean, and how they make you feel – are going to be different for every person and couple.   I don’t think of our marriage as “open,” but it sure isn’t closed!  HA!  I like to think of it as being open to “possibilities” versus just wide open for all to come and go.   

No, that is not an accurate representation.  There is no cheating as we are always playing by the rules of behavior that Mike and I have established for ourselves.  It is only cheating if you break the rules. 

No, it isn’t.  It’s about lots and lots…

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