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Should you try a 420 during a #bdsm session?

Maybe we’ll have a 420-themed bdsm play night someday. Continue reading

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Why Webcamming isn’t Cheating

Originally posted on Maria Lopez:
Perhaps I am not a total authority on this subject. When I started camming over a year ago I was single and guess what I am still single today. I haven’t been in a relationship…

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Loving Without An Expected Timeline

Originally posted on Misty Acres:
To me this means accepting and openly loving my partners for who they are without counting days, checking the calendar or clock. I’m not looking for steps to get to a specific destination. We don’t…

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Can Yoga help you…to enjoy your kink more?

A.k.a. yoga that hurts so good. via Kink Yoga Is the Sexiest Way to Increase Flexibility — StyleCaster

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Originally posted on A Mistress & Her Boi:
Over the last month, I have started to mentor a new dominant. She is so new the plastic wrap has not come off yet and it shows. She does not just need…

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Pussy Worship

Originally posted on Her Wish – My Command:
I crave Sweetness’ pussy. I love looking at it. I love touching it. I love providing oral sex. I love it rubbing against me. And I love fucking it. Since I have…

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Do some of your desires confuse or frighten you? Do they excite you?

Originally posted on myfemdomlife:
Really just all the hurty stuff. I’ve whacked Iris a couple times, but since he isn’t a masochist, it didn’t feel right. I really need that “oh god yes more” from the person I’m with for…

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