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The submissive Mantra – an example

A submissive can create a mantra to use periodically to reinforce his commitment to his dominant. Here is a link to a female’s mantra to her dominant… via The submissive Mantra Advertisements

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Why does your domme want to be on top?

Sex is very psychological, and for women to experience their deepest orgasms, there are parts of their brain that need to go silent Continue reading

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why do women read & like gay erotica?

maybe gay erotica is a woman’s version of a man’s lesbian fantasy, without compromising integrity. Continue reading

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Bondage in Femdom

For the dominant who doesn’t know what to do or lacks confidence, a little knowledge about rope bondage can get the game going. Tie up your partner with the simplest restraints he/she will tolerate Continue reading

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Can Femdom be good for your mental health?

The increased intensity of BDSM intensifies the trust and intimacy between partners. Continue reading

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Femdom dating (humor)

You’re a strong, masculine guy with maybe a touch of submissiveness with the right person Continue reading

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Femdom Flirting

If your date with a dominant is going smoothly, you can slip a few hints of how you’d like to submit to her Continue reading

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