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D/s burnout, Part II: What do we do about it?

Originally posted on Slut, Ph.D.:
Looking inwards, looking back: What people said they wished they’d done and known When I asked people what they wished they had done and known in retrospect, their answers were heartbreaking (and again, painfully…

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Going Bi in Polyamory

polyamory presents the opportunities for both men and women to explore bisexual activities. Continue reading

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Going Solo when your partner isn’t on board with it – an example

Once many get a taste of poly, there’s no going back to mono Continue reading

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Can you have love in BDSM?

BDSM is often a form of play to keep desire flowing Continue reading

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Adventures in cougaring

Originally posted on hiding in plain sight:
I would like to fall madly in love with someone new. I am increasingly realizing that this will necessitate the person being around my age, or at least like 35 (I’m 45). Even…

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3 – First Spanking

a therapeutic spanking never hurts!  Continue reading

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A bi-guys guide to finding a date: the oral test

women said that after dating a bi man, they could never go back to dating a straight man Continue reading

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Women who like bi-guys…and why

bisexual men may be encouraged to hear that there’s a solid community of women who express wholehearted …adoration for them Continue reading

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How guys can get aroused when they’re not into their partner

Turning sex into something playful and imaginative can bring two people closer together Continue reading

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Some insights into how to administer spanking for pleasure or punishment

One of the most widespread uses of spanking is as a tool for putting the sub into what is commonly called “sub-space.” Continue reading

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