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when your D/s relationship goes stale – what can you do to rekindle it?

those in the #lifestyle can choose almost any rituals that symbolize their special commitment  Continue reading

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Has #femdom become a cliche?

the presence of “cliches” doesn’t mean that #bdsm & #femdom are simply a game of kink Continue reading

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why are some guys addicted to sex?

#sex-addicts believe people get down to real communication with their clothes off & rubbing “skin on skin” Continue reading

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Can #bdsm be good for emotional health?

why shouldn’t you use kink to enhance your happiness?  Continue reading

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Guys who don’t get the #femdom #lifestyle

In the lifestyle arrangement, a guy has to accept his fundamental role of submission to his dominant for life Continue reading

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why do (some) women dominate (some) men?

guy can hook up with someone who shows signs of dominance in other aspects of their personality in hopes of persuading them to dominate them sexually Continue reading

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Guys: When she asks you to go to the next level, do you freak out?

The imbalance of power with a lifestyle partner in a D/s relationship can happen Continue reading

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