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Common Misconceptions Of BDSM

Originally posted on Rationality and truth:
So often it is the misconceptions of BDSM that have people thinking the worse, giving it a bad name, and even making others believe what they believe is correct.  I thought this would make…

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Awesome Tumblr images

Originally posted on Mistress Scarlet's Blog:
An awesome  Tumblr site, Amores Atados has been brought to my attention. Albeit, images that have been ‘photoshopped’, but with great talent. I particularly like two types of images that can be found. (And all…

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A inside view of #Swinging ( it’s more than sex)

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Building a better Community

Originally posted on BDSM:
I have spent a lot of time looking at the BDSM community as a whole. From the perspective of someone who has been a part of BDSM for a long time. I understand where some of…

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How to: bondage rope preparation

You can diy rope that’s best for bondage… here’s some tips!

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Not enough

Originally posted on Miss D:
Me: Does it bother you I play with others? Him: You are too much to handle for just one person, dear. That is why you need the others. One will never be enough for you.…

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The Lovely MacKenzie Reed

Originally posted on Someone's Gonna Get It:
You are relatively new to the scene, right?   I’ve been in the spanking scene for two years now. My anniversary fell on the weekend of Board Walk Badness in Atlantic City.…

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My First Experience as a Rope Bunny.

Originally posted on A Ravens Ranting:
Even before my actual first day in the kink scene, I could not understand why so many liked rope, being tied up and tying others up. More than liked – they were completely hooked…

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Bondage in Femdom

For the dominant who doesn’t know what to do or lacks confidence, a little knowledge about rope bondage can get the game going. Tie up your partner with the simplest restraints he/she will tolerate Continue reading

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Planning a Scene

A checklist to help you plan a scene…even if you are a submissive!

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