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Sex and Candy – Thoughts on Sex and Femdom

I admire and don’t mind submitting to my partner because of how she always “tops” me sexually and mentally. Continue reading

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What I learned about writing novels by failing at short stories – and how to make a short story into a long one

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
Lee Martin wrote recently on his blog about how he hadn’t intended to write longform fiction. He started with short stories, and graduated to novels only when an editor suggested it. I hadn’t thought…

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Guys! The main ritual you’ll do a lot of in femdom

People become aroused more from the psychological experience of their partner’s spontaneous actions and the surprise moves he initiates than from following predictable rituals. Continue reading

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Circus clown sub

sometimes your submissive persona overwhelms your ‘normal’ self…with a gnawing hunger…what do you do about it?

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The Meaning of Submission & The Gift of Love

He had never won a verbal fight with her. They haven’t fought since he gave control to her. How a #flr can make a peaceful marriage.

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Guys, know your limits in Femdom

consider soft limits as things you’ll eventually come around to liking as you get further into the relationship with your dominant Continue reading

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Flipping the switch 18+ NSFW

Originally posted on Journey to Submission???:
It’s been a long time since I’ve done a switching recap. Here is one from last night…. I’m so happy because apparently I didn’t break him after all!  Sayyid took complete control in the…

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