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Femdom dating (humor)

You’re a strong, masculine guy with maybe a touch of submissiveness with the right person Continue reading

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Femdom Flirting

If your date with a dominant is going smoothly, you can slip a few hints of how you’d like to submit to her Continue reading

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Sex and Candy – Thoughts on Sex and Femdom

I admire and don’t mind submitting to my partner because of how she always “tops” me sexually and mentally. Continue reading

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Guys, know your limits in Femdom

consider soft limits as things you’ll eventually come around to liking as you get further into the relationship with your dominant Continue reading

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I don’t like to wear women’s clothes…but

sometimes a guy’s gotta go along with his partner’s wishes Continue reading

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why are some guys addicted to sex?

#sex-addicts believe people get down to real communication with their clothes off & rubbing “skin on skin” Continue reading

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Free #bdsm e-books…why?

Sara is all too eager to let her boss use his crop on her backside free #kink #bdsm #erotica #kindle I don’t often toot my own horn (well, maybe just a little) – but I have been publishing a list … Continue reading

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