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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - mid 20's

Reddit Inspired: Munches … Why Do We Go?

I really hope I’m preaching to the choir with this blog post, but just in case someone with no knowledge of the social side of BDSM stumbles onto my blog, I’m going to write this so it’s here for them…

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#MasturbationMonday: All It Takes Is The Right Toy …

This post was inspired by #MasturbationMonday, to join in or to see more of the posts written for this go to I’ve got the sex toys. I’ve got the porn, or the sexy imagination depending on my mood. The mood…

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You can come for me…if you discover my name!

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The cane raises stripes…our passion!

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What Does Submission Mean To You?

Originally posted on Submissive Stella:
Does a submissive have certain behaviors? Do submissives do specific tasks? No behaviors/tasks are set by the Dom. Some subs share certain traits; quietness, being reserved, overly apologizing, or avoiding eye contact. This is not…

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I’m submissive… but not to anyone… you’ll have to earn it!

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The Adventures of Domme Kitten

Originally posted on Slap Ass For Motivation:
I felt excited. It all began with Sir Sade’s suggestion for kitten to go play with Princess Cinder with the strap on. And your favorite mischievous kitten got a great idea right away!…

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