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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's

Femdom Games

Why do people get into femdom or bdsm relationships and why do they abandon them? Does love bring them together and eventually separate them? or does love have anything to do with the relationship? If you separate femdom relationship activity … Continue reading

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A Team – Ed Sheeran

I was getting ready to go out to work in Holbeck one evening, putting on my make-up, doing my hair and listening to Ed Sheeran’s album +.? I love this album, it always made me feel happy and nostalgic. It…

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Sex Work and Clothing

A generic getty image used in a Metro newspaper article What springs to mind when you think of a prostitute? Is it tight skirts, thick makeup, scraped up hair that is overdue a wash, high heels and breasts overspilling a…

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Is the BDSM community stodgy? How to loosen up

Women who bottom…might switch to a top role depending on the partner Continue reading

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Do women have body issues…and how does it affect them?

a woman’s body image is closely linked to self-esteem Continue reading

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Should Guys Strip?

I didn’t really have the personality to be a male entertainer at the start so I had to kind of create a persona that was more of an entertainer Continue reading

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Why do guys lose interest?

Most guys can intuitively sense when a woman is reacting to them as an object Continue reading

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Suffer in Silence

l it just comes down to the way I unconsciously, and sometimes even consciously, compare myself to others and this overwhelming feeling of not being enough for anyone Continue reading

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When life lets you down…

Take your aggression out at the gym…and spare your partner Continue reading

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The Femdom Mystique: Does Reality Make the Myth or does the Myth Make the Reality?

As much as a submissive male needs a dominant woman to submit to, the dominant woman looks for a submissive male to serve and obey her and provide her with the opportunity to lead him through dominance. Continue reading

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