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Made to Maid

Originally posted on submission2word:
This little CD Maid, made over for #Lingerie is for everyone …. Being dearest ‘Susie, in lil ole sub space…. “This morning, I rose promptly at 7.30am to make myself presentable for the good lady…

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playing Femdom

When she stands up to me and shows no fear or of being intimidated by me, that is very exciting, Even compelled by some need to submit the her. Continue reading

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Guys Winter Nights

a guy…might consider the opportunities of longer nights Continue reading

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Guys who wear lingerie

many guys now pose in their briefs to attract a date Continue reading

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The Femdom Wedding Vow

the submissive male wants his female partner to commit to placing his desires and needs above her own. In return he will do whatever he can to serve and please her as she likes Continue reading

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Why guys work out

do guys work out for body perfection…or just fame & fortune? Continue reading

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How guys can stay hot for their partner

Go ahead touch it Continue reading

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