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How guys can get aroused when they’re not into their partner

Turning sex into something playful and imaginative can bring two people closer together Continue reading

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Spanking: Discipline or pleasure, and how to manage both. (Part one)

Originally posted on Musings of a Chaotic Mind:
This topic was suggested to me by my bossy people and I struggled a little with how to start it, but I think I have a handle on it now. It’s going…

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Some insights into how to administer spanking for pleasure or punishment

One of the most widespread uses of spanking is as a tool for putting the sub into what is commonly called “sub-space.” Continue reading

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Femdom vs. FLR – which is better for you?

The FLR relationship has a implied or explicit contract. Although some guys would consider it, they prefer to test how a FLR feels before they suggest it to their partner. Continue reading

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How everyday life suppressed her kinky urges for years…and how she returned to kink…. Discovering kink (Days 3 & 4 of 30 Days of Kink)

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The essence of femdom

My Hell is very bearable and My Demons know how to take the reins with equity. Your Brand is My Essence and is imprinted forever in the souls that you possess. Continue reading

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Why I don’t want women to become ‘equal to men’

should women strive to be equal to men…or can they do better? A researcher argues against mainstream Feminist ideology Link to this post is here  

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I Want a Puppet, Not Play

she doesn’t want another submissive guy, she wants her personal … boi! Original post can be seen here reblogged: I WANT A PUPPET, NOT PLAY I didn’t find D/s through the BDSM community, I entered by way of blogs and my … Continue reading

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Dom, sub or switch? (Day 1 of 30 Days of Kink)

Originally posted on Miss D:
I start these 30 day writing prompts and never quite manage to complete them. But I came across this one today, 30 Days of Kink and have decided to try again. So here goes it with Day…

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Kink vs. BDSM – The light and Dark Side

Often one person in a relationship wants & needs dark BDSM & the other partner is reluctant or has no knowledge or experience on how to handle the situation, are afraid to disrupt the relationship equilibrium
Continue reading

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