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Polyamory and Jealousy

Now on to a recurring issue in polyamorous relationships, jealousy and envy. S1M0n wrote Polyamorous folks engage in a lifestyle where they are forced to contend with these raw, base emotions all the time. In general, those who participate in … Continue reading

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Meet Mr. & Mrs. B

There are many blogs that give advice on bdsm-themed relationships. Much of it is good, but also conflicting. Old-guard, new-style, pro, lifestyle…the choices seem overwhelming. It’s refreshing to follow how (it appears) a real [hetero, monagamish] couple develop a female-dominant, … Continue reading

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Beauty Prison or Healthy Lifestyle?

Lately some guys have been joking around with what they call my “obsession” with fitness. For the record, I work out at the school fitness center 4-5 hrs. /week, I swim about the same amount and when I’m not on … Continue reading

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polyagony – the angst from dating monogamists

#Polyproblems talks about polyagony: The stress of “tending to the needs of multiple partners,… making sure that nobody’s feelings are hurt.” – Ken Haslam in Newsweek. Personally, I think “polyagony” is the term for when you end up dating a bunch of … Continue reading

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Monogamists vs. Polyamorists

ResearchToBeDone said s/he is “uncomfortable” with monogamous couples: It seems like in many ways the purpose of monogamous arrangements is to preserve the sense of intimacy and specialness of the relationship, and that means being careful not to let other relationships … Continue reading

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Ow! That’s not fun…it hurts!

Lately the public has taken a fancy for bdsm-themed relationships (partly because of the popularity of the recent novel, 50 shades ).  Many think a bdsm relationship is another way for couples to spice up their love-life, a “fun” type … Continue reading

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cheating in a poly family

s1.mOn posted in We were discussing what to ask potential partners who may be new to polyamory. A great first question to ask to whether or not they consider their date as cheating. Another great question would be whether or not … Continue reading

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the mind is the biggest sex organ in humans

Tamara wrote in the better my mental stimulation, so to speak – the less physical stimulation I need to reach orgasm I couldn’t agree more – the mind is the biggest sex organ in humans. So why do many people … Continue reading

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what’s your protocol

Dumb Domme wrote in Protocol seems ritualistic to me and I’m not all that into ritual. The rules and requests I have are pretty practical Rituals are often a hollow replacement of spontaneous interaction. I never get excited about arbitrary … Continue reading

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My blog was hacked – please ignore post about “rape”

Hey, somehow someone inserted a post with wording about how “I wasn’t raped by…” dated Feb. 2012. It didn’t come from me. It’s in the trash. Password was changed. Sorry.

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