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Polyamory and Kink

Can intimacy be separated from sex? Can one member of a couple want a polyamorous relationship and the other stay monogamous? Can people limit their polyamory to sex while preserving intimacy in their monogamous relationship? Nikki_Blue said in a recent … Continue reading

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Polyamory and Kink – Similar?

Issues regarding polyamory are coming fast and furious after a long hiatus. In a recent post, the similarity of polyamory to kink relationships was discussed. solopoly wrote in this post : What we especially learned from getting to know kinky … Continue reading

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Getting off the Relationship Escalator

The relationship escalator is one that ends in heterosexual monogamy. Of course, there are many who cannot or will not take this path in a relationship. It is also possible that one person in a relationship may want to get … Continue reading

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Polyamory – Just Ask for It…or Not?

Polyamorous relationships have a definite way of dealing with cheating. You may want to get involved with someone new in town. It’s only natural if you’re poly, right? Here’s the difference from mono relationships. In monogamy, cheating is cheating and … Continue reading

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Submissive personality a pathological disorder?

Is a submissive personality a pathological disorder? Angelique¬†wrote in a recent post¬†about a diagnostic test that her submissive husband received after answering a battery of questions: seeing submission as a personality disorder is something wrong with the diagnostic tool, the … Continue reading

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