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The Femdom Mystique: Does Reality Make the Myth or does the Myth Make the Reality?

As much as a submissive male needs a dominant woman to submit to, the dominant woman looks for a submissive male to serve and obey her and provide her with the opportunity to lead him through dominance. Continue reading

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Women who like bi-guys…and why

bisexual men may be encouraged to hear that there’s a solid community of women who express wholehearted …adoration for them Continue reading

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Femdom vs. FLR – which is better for you?

The FLR relationship has a implied or explicit contract. Although some guys would consider it, they prefer to test how a FLR feels before they suggest it to their partner. Continue reading

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The essence of femdom

My Hell is very bearable and My Demons know how to take the reins with equity. Your Brand is My Essence and is imprinted forever in the souls that you possess. Continue reading

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Kink vs. BDSM – The light and Dark Side

Often one person in a relationship wants & needs dark BDSM & the other partner is reluctant or has no knowledge or experience on how to handle the situation, are afraid to disrupt the relationship equilibrium
Continue reading

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D/s vs. BDSM, lifestyle vs. bedroom kink

Some people want to but don’t know how to transition from bedroom bdsm to lifestyle Continue reading

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The submissive Mantra – an example

A submissive can create a mantra to use periodically to reinforce his commitment to his dominant. Here is a link to a female’s mantra to her dominant… via The submissive Mantra

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