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Our appointment

Originally posted on Thoughts of Miss Evie:
I call you as I head to your place. I’m 20 minutes away. ‘Get ready for me. Make sure you are in the appropriate state when I arrive’ Just hearing the words come…

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What Happens On FryDay

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Originally posted on Someone's Gonna Get It:
you get spanked!

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some guidelines for submissives…

A new submissive recently asked my advice. It made me smile to think that I’ve been doing this long enough, and that my contentment is so evident, that someone should think my advice worth having. I am happy to share … Continue reading

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When We See Red

That moment when she proclaims her dominance…[and he was] swimming into a new place of vulnerability…and they felt a total trust in each other…

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What’s in a Name? – Thoughts from Mistress Alice

How the names we use are a cue to the roles we adopt in either the vanilla or lifestyle (FLR) world.

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I am Submissive – Its a Life Saver.

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A dominant cares for a submissive by fulfilling her need to dominate him…and his need to submit!

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Early Wednesday Start

An example of oral service that a submissive husband might be expected to do…a rite that his mistress enjoys!

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Individual Fantasies

Originally posted on Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male:
Recently a couple of blogs I follow have made requests for readers to share their sexual fantasies in an effort to give some inspiration for ideas. I have found that at…

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Naughty or Nice – Quest for the brave!

Originally posted on Domina Imperium:
Every writer steps into the dark alley called “What do I write about next?” Even though I do have an idea of what I want to write about for my next blog, I have decided…

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No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

Originally posted on No Wasted Ink:
Marketing is an important part of the author process.  Even if you are fortunate enough to be traditionally published, your publisher will still expect you to do basic marketing of your book.  If you…

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