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Can you enjoy D/s without sex?

A skilled domme can condition a guy to realize their deeper desires for happiness with a companion Continue reading

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Can a dominant force a guy to do something he doesn’t want to?

I made him lick his cum out of my hand Continue reading

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2 plus 1 = threesome, pt. 1

If he’s bi, then he might reciprocate. For many women, the show has just begun. They want to see the second act. After that, they want to be the star performer in the third act.¬† Continue reading

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I don’t like to wear women’s clothes…but

sometimes a guy’s gotta go along with his partner’s wishes Continue reading

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4 Reasons guys go to bars

To distance them from the “reality” of the day & live for a brief moment in an alternate universe Continue reading

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when your D/s relationship goes stale – what can you do to rekindle it?

those in the #lifestyle can choose almost any rituals that symbolize their special commitment  Continue reading

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Has #femdom become a cliche?

the presence of “cliches” doesn’t mean that #bdsm & #femdom are simply a game of kink Continue reading

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