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What is a soft FLR – a guy’s practical guide

Few wives can imagine how different their sex life becomes when they assume a position of dominance in the marriage. Continue reading

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what’s the difference between a FLR and a femdom relationship – a practical guide for guys

Men want to be emotionally and sexually mesmerized by a woman. Continue reading

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Switches can’t be Dominant.

Originally posted on Clio's musings:
Do you like my clickbait as fuck title? 😉 I utterly disagree with the subject. Switches can be Dominant, and some of the best Dominants I have ever encountered have been switches. I’ve received…

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What a domme really wants from a submissive guy and what he can do to build a romantic relationship…

Many women aspire to dominate their men Continue reading

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How to get a date with someone with bdsm interests

dating sites for kink are similar to vanilla ones Continue reading

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Slave takes his punishment

Originally posted on Sofias Dilemmas:
He entered the room, stopped a respectful distance from his mistress and fell to his knees. Head bowed he waited silently for her to vent her wrath on him. ” Well slave, what have you…

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Can a submissive show his emotions during a bdsm session – or should he suppress them in the ‘man-box’?

Originally posted on Grind_'n'_Throb:
A few weeks ago, I went to an event that was billed as being a space, “exclusive to Female Dominants and those submissive to them.” This event failed to live up to what was…

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