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His first encounter with a porn star dominatrix…was mind altering

Originally posted on More than whips and chains:
The following is an excerpt from More than whips and chains (the book I have been writing for ages) and chronicles my first visit to see a professional Dominatrix.  It was 18…

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How she was introduced to BDSM at Paddles

Originally posted on Philosopher's Stone Unturned:
I tried to introduce someone to BDSM once. We were partners on-and-off for three years.  I convinced him, after many months, to experiment with tying me up, or spanking me.  But I was…

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Adventures in cougaring

Originally posted on hiding in plain sight:
I would like to fall madly in love with someone new. I am increasingly realizing that this will necessitate the person being around my age, or at least like 35 (I’m 45). Even…

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What happens if a guy says no if he’s in a #femdom #flr?

Guys! don’t follow your dick when you agree to a relationship!  Continue reading

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His Hand Print- a spanking she will remember!

the more relaxed we are, the better spanking can feel Continue reading

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A sub guy may feel a major drop after an intense session… here’s how to work it out…

A “drop” refers to the sadness a submissive (or dominant) partner may feel once endorphins crash and adrenaline floods their body after a powerful scene  Continue reading

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Dirty-talk that sub guys use to enhance their session with their dominant

A sub’s cries, moans and whimpers conveys what he is feeling while his dominant works him over Continue reading

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