You could be #poly…and not even know it

joe-the-bartender“say Joe” the regular said to the barkeep, “a friend said we were poly. What does that mean?”

Marty had been hanging out with his two girlfriends for at least a couple of years since Joe saw them at the bar. They first started as college roommates and later became friends with benefits.

“You guys have been hanging out together after you finished college?” Joe asked.

“Yeah,” Marty said, “we like to do stuff together”. Joe had been to their place for late night parties where everyone got naked and played in a large bed.

“Well you could be in a poly relationship.” Joe said.

“Just because we hang out together?”

“No, ” Joe said, “if you want more than that.”

“We’re thinking about buying a place together.”

“Poly,” Joe explained, “is for when friends want to get serious and do big things together like buying a house.”

“But we could just get a “tennant in common” place, couldn’t we?”

“But you guys want to share things not just live in separate quarters?”

“Yeah,” Marty agreed, “Karen, Leah and I want to have meals together and,” he paused and looked at Joe, “you know, we sleep together.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been to your parties.”

“That’s the point,” Marty went on, “we still want to play around with others like you. So it’s not like we’re getting married.”

“Poly isn’t like getting married”, Joe said, “it’s where you make up the rules of who to play with”

“Oh, ” Marty said, “so we can still all hang out and play with our friends?”

“If you want to,” Joe said.

“In fact, ” Marty went on, “we’re having another party this weekend and you’re invited.”

“I’ll check my calendar”, Joe pulled out his mobile and scanned his calendar. “Friday after 9 looks good to me.”

“Good, ” Marty said, “I’ll let K & L know. Maybe you can explain poly to us then!”

“Love to, ” Joe said.








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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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