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why do (some) women dominate (some) men?

guy can hook up with someone who shows signs of dominance in other aspects of their personality in hopes of persuading them to dominate them sexually Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment

The benefits of corporal punishment to a dominant

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How I Became a Domme by Mistress Satine

From a waitress to a Dominatrix: Mistress Satine’s entry into the #BDSM lifestyle iWantClips Official Blog – iWantBlog Many fans and subs have asked how I entered the Femdom lifestyle so I decided I would use my first blog post … Continue reading

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My Tumblr site of perversity

Originally posted on Mistress Scarlet's Blog:
My Tumblr site following is slowly growing. It has reached over 12,000 now. It is always good to know there are dominants who share my eclectic tastes and submissives who are affected by…

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He said yes!

Originally posted on A place for this naughty girl to share her thoughts:
As my husband and I are pretty new to domestic discipline, we are still experimenting with different implements for him to discipline me with.  He has implements…

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30 Days of submission: Day 30

Originally posted on Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male:
Is your need to submit being met?  No.  It used to be, but not currently. If not, or if your situation changed, do you think that you could continue in your…

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Should Porn Studios Shut Down over a HIV scare?

If the industry were to abide by the regulation, condoms would have to be worn not only during anal and vaginal sex, but oral sex as well…facial cumshots, aka the “money shot” for many porn scenes, would either be eradicated or would require the recipient to wear goggles and a surgeon’s mask Continue reading

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