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Femdom vs. FLR – which is better for you?

The FLR relationship has a implied or explicit contract. Although some guys would consider it, they prefer to test how a FLR feels before they suggest it to their partner. Continue reading

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Kink vs. BDSM – The light and Dark Side

Often one person in a relationship wants & needs dark BDSM & the other partner is reluctant or has no knowledge or experience on how to handle the situation, are afraid to disrupt the relationship equilibrium
Continue reading

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D/s vs. BDSM, lifestyle vs. bedroom kink

Some people want to but don’t know how to transition from bedroom bdsm to lifestyle Continue reading

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How to maintain a #bdsm relationship when you can’t be with the one you dominate (or submit to)

I want you to put on a pair of sexy underwear tonight before I order you to take it off Continue reading

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The submissive Mantra – an example

A submissive can create a mantra to use periodically to reinforce his commitment to his dominant. Here is a link to a female’s mantra to her dominant… via The submissive Mantra

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How To Be A Dominant Woman!

Communicate with your prospective submissive what you want in the relationship Continue reading

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aftercare in femdom & maledom play

If you switch during a #bdsm session, it’s not always clear about who should be giving aftercare to who. I looked into the question and found there’s no simple answer. The aftercare a dominant guy gives to a submissive female … Continue reading

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