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Are guys motivated by their libido? – the erotica premise

erotic catharsis happens, his mind is cleared of doubts. If he repeats this experience many times with her, will he commit and continue to live with her? Continue reading

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D/s burnout, Part II: What do we do about it?

Originally posted on Slut, Ph.D.:
Looking inwards, looking back: What people said they wished they’d done and known When I asked people what they wished they had done and known in retrospect, their answers were heartbreaking (and again, painfully…

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D/s burnout, postscript: An aside about gender

Originally posted on Slut, Ph.D.:
You will note as you read the previous two posts that I have recorded people’s gender and d/s roles in their comments. That’s because years of sociological study of the scene have taught me…

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Going Solo when your partner isn’t on board with it – an example

Once many get a taste of poly, there’s no going back to mono Continue reading

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Is Solo Polyamory just a variation of Friends with Benefits?

someone in a relationship will have a friend with benefits…because the person is quite emotionally satisfied in the main relationship but finds sexual satisfaction with the other person Continue reading

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From Single to Solo Polyamory: How the Pandemic changed my outlook

Friends can come and go or develop their particular attachments Continue reading

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Can a femdom marriage succeed?

There are women who are naturally dominant Continue reading

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Should a sub guy treat a dominant woman like she is on a pedestal? How guys don’t get a date with a domme.

Originally posted on Silken Claws:
‘You’re not like other Dommes’ is something I have heard many times, a sentiment which usually has been prompted by my having completely normal, polite conversation with a prospective submissive. This is not a surprise,…

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How BDSM can save a marriage

Originally posted on Love Is A Paraphilia:
This has been the sexiest year of my life. Of course, 2011, when I met my partner was a seriously hot one but it wasn’t nearly as deep and intimate as the experiences…

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Femdom vs. FLR – which is better for you?

The FLR relationship has a implied or explicit contract. Although some guys would consider it, they prefer to test how a FLR feels before they suggest it to their partner. Continue reading

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