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Submissive Qualities

Originally posted on thepowerexchange:
I posted a question back in August, asking people what qualities they thought were important for a submissive. I see that people have been searching for the information so I “safely” assume that my readers have…

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Characteristics of a Dominant

Originally posted on thepowerexchange:
Characteristics of a Dominant are extremely varied. Each of us has our own way of looking at the world and interacting within it. For the sake of transparency this post concerns the general qualities of a…

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Rope Workshop -Millenials

There were lots of nervous laughs when he remarked how kink could be a useful skill for a student to earn a little extra money Continue reading

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Working Toward Total Power Exchange (TPE)

How #TPE may be more of a process…from following small directives…in a relationship!

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Originally posted on Hot Bottoms:
(Continued from A Second Chance) What could have been a softball sized knot in her stomach melted like butter and flowed to her crotch. She instinctively tightened her legs as the heat felt like it was…

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Denial and Tease

Originally posted on rushmorejudd:
Men’s orgasms cannot be denied.  The sexual urge is primordial, basic, base.  His mind is attacked by all sorts of perverted images and thoughts.  Until he must seek a release.  Somehow, any way.  Not later but…

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the talk of the town

“We’re gonna get rid of them !@#*^ illegals” Continue reading

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Healing in humiliation, degradation and fear play

Originally posted on Madame Raphael:
I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about the therapeutic aspects of kink.  I had recently participated in some fairly extreme play that involved my dishing out some rather twisted verbal abuse that ended…

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She brought me into it…and I’m happy to be here

Originally posted on kennywblog:
At first Maggs wanted to check out my reaction about her second job. She introduced me to the dungeon that she shares with Mistress Ella. It wasn’t too humiliating to submit to her with another Domme present.…

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Originally posted on Miss Hosiery and babygirl:
I thrusted my strap-on into her again and listened to that lovely gasp that she gave. But I knew her well enough to know that she was trying to tell me something. I…

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