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D/s Relationships: a big question.

Originally posted on katanas toy:
My owner raised a big question: when are we going to move in together? Now while my owner is prone to fluctuations on even such matters of this and I should wait to see if…

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The Divine Whore

The story of Magdalena The Honest Courtesan Every year on her feast day, I honor St. Mary Magdalene; even though the Church does not officially recognize her as the patron of whores, she certainly is in the public imagination.  And … Continue reading

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Masturbating more can dramatically reduce risk of prostate cancer | Metro News

Originally posted on The Edge of Vanilla:
I had this in my Draft folder and forgot about it until this week. It seems at least once or twice a year I run across something like this: Masturbating a lot can…

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#bdsm – beginner to advanced – free book highlights

the stories will strum the heartstrings of sadists and masochists alike Continue reading

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BDSM Is Good For You?

Originally posted on Jack Fisher's Official Publishing Blog:
In the age of the internet, we shouldn’t be too surprised when we come across insights into the human condition that sound so counter-intuitive, but turn out to be true. The…

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Gaining Interest in Her Interests

Originally posted on Property of Eve:
The best part of growth in ANY relationship, is learning more about your partner. And learning about your partner entails knowing more about what interests they have. i feel in most failed relationships, what…

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It’s Painful but Is It Art?

Originally posted on adventuresinakinkyandscape:
Playing in public at clubs means that you are going to be watched. There are those who find this a distraction.  I realised early on that I didn’t and remember an occasion, early on in my…

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Brian and Belinda: Chapter one

an interesting moment when two unlikely people meet and begin an #FLR relationship!

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Trying it

Originally posted on Skepticism, Properly Applied:
My partner just recently went through a breakup with a guy she’d been seeing recently. He was new to polyamory, and from what I could tell, he was not handling the newfound relationship territory…

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free #kink #bdsm #erotica #kindle 7-16-16 16:00 PT

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click a link before midnight (PT) and get your free amazon kindle book ************************************** Housewife In Handcuffs This cop is so hot he should be arrested. When housewife Maria is pulled over for speeding late one…

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