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Can a FLR save a marriage?

The time to save your marriage is long before it needs saving. Continue reading

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What is a soft FLR – a guy’s practical guide

Few wives can imagine how different their sex life becomes when they assume a position of dominance in the marriage. Continue reading

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what’s the difference between a FLR and a femdom relationship – a practical guide for guys

Men want to be emotionally and sexually mesmerized by a woman. Continue reading

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Why are guys interested in orally servicing their partner in a #FLR but women are disinterested – despite the benefits?

Cunnilingus has an undeserved reputation of being one of the trickiest sexual acts to perform well Continue reading

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Femdom vs. FLR – which is better for you?

The FLR relationship has a implied or explicit contract. Although some guys would consider it, they prefer to test how a FLR feels before they suggest it to their partner. Continue reading

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Guys! are you Slipping into a #FLR?

FLR’s change the relationship dynamic. Usually,  one member of the couple wants to move further into the FLR than the other Continue reading

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Guys! The main ritual you’ll do a lot of in femdom

People become aroused more from the psychological experience of their partner’s spontaneous actions and the surprise moves he initiates than from following predictable rituals. Continue reading

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can a FLR have elements of Femdom? How can a guy find an LTR that has both?

how can a guy have a live-in relationship with a prodomme?  Continue reading

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Guys, what kind of sub would you be in a FLR?

You don’t mind if some people think you’re the Dominant’s lover; the two of you know the truth about your relationship. Continue reading

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Guys thinking about getting into a Female Led Relationship

to learn more about dominating men, making them my sex slaves, commanding them to sniff my ass, lick my ass, lick my pussy, and give me lots of pleasure Continue reading

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