3 – First Spanking


In How To Properly Spank Your Wife!

Constance gives 3 reasons why a spanking is necessary:

Leadership – I really need a man to lead me’

Satisfaction- it makes me happy and stops my mood changes…submitting to my man is therapeutic’

It puts me in my place-  I was really bratty and snarky over something…[after the spanking] I felt relieved, refocused, grounded and centered again…it is really helpful to reinstate peace at home

conclusion: a therapeutic spanking never hurts!

After the spanking…She told her dominant that she didn’t regret her naughtiness because it got him to commit to the relationship she wanted…read here 


So we are only just truly beginning this journey, but i feel inspired and excited and hopeful and turned on … all-the-time now.

And i wondered what that “first time” would be like… first time ….for spanking.

i wondered all sorts of things about it  – would it hurt (i hoped so, but would i regret that ‘hope’ should it come to fruition), if it hurt how long, would i ask for more, would i cry, would i regret wanting this lifestyle afterward, would i have to find a way ‘out’ of it if i did regret it, what have i gotten myself into..  among the few anyway.

And that’s when it occurred to me that i was NOT being submissive with this thinking.  God says “don’t worry” about anything … for any reason … anytime.  And well, let’s be honest, i wasn’t ‘wondering’ about the spanking, but i was…

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