Gay or straight ? How should a bisexual guy present himself?


Should a bi guy turn on his straight side when he’s with straights, his gay side when he’s with gays?


Society tends to erase bisexuality. Check out these common myths:

Bi erasure is a serious problem that isn’t just promoted by straight people, but on occasion, by the non-bi queer community as well. Identifying as bisexual often feels like you’re stuck in limbo — not “gay” enough for some, and not “straight” enough for others.


  • Bisexual+ people face less harmful stigma than lesbian or gay people
  • Bisexual people are transphobic
  • Bi men don’t exist, and are probably just gay
  • Bisexual people magically become straight when they’re in a relationship with a heterosexual partner
  • Bisexual people are polyamorous



Some thoughts in this post

What does a bisexual man look like?


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