Adventures in cougaring


Sometimes you’ll succumb to a cougar relationship…and regret it later

In Cougar Relationships Are All the Rage, But Do They Ever Work?

If a cougar…picks a younger man because she thinks she’ll be more in control and therefore there’s less of a chance of getting hurt…the success rate for these relationships will be low.

age is not the problem — different values, lifestyles, life stages, and poor relationship skills are…If a cougar or her younger man have different values, lifestyles, poor communication skills, the inability to compromise, and an unwillingness to understand their partner’s viewpoint — success is not likely. [If] the couple [are] at different life stages it often creates major trouble for the longevity of their relationship.


she told him she wouldn’t get serious…but he pursued her anyway. Read here

hiding in plain sight

I would like to fall madly in love with someone new. I am increasingly realizing that this will necessitate the person being around my age, or at least like 35 (I’m 45). Even a really mature and awesome young person tends to lack…I dunno. Life experience or cynicism or something. I can’t seem to connect with them anymore on anything past a friend or FWB level.

Buttttt a 23yo local sub placed an ad in one of the FetLife classifieds groups and he really did seem amazing and I thought “hey, maybe let’s just see.”

Or, well. It was a bit more convoluted than that. His ad said that he was looking for someone around his own age and monogamous so I didn’t respond to his ad. I commented on a couple of his pics, though, in a friendly fashion. And apparently I piqued his interest despite being all old…

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