are sexual relations integral to most polyamorous relationships? If so, how would asexuals fit into a poly group?


I’ve struggled to find inspitation to write for some time now, but watching a documentary on asexuality ( (A)Sexuality, available on Netflix) has triggered my desire to write. It seems so strange to me that people who are so accepting of the fact that sexuality is a spectrum from 100% hetro to 100% homo, with all other flavours in between, find asexuality so hard to accept.

Any one who has read anything of this blog knows that I am the antithesis of asexual but why shouldn’t the degree of sexual desire also fall on a spectum? Treating people who are asexual as if they are broken sexual people is as bad as treating gay people as if they are broken straight people. Perhaps instead of describing sexuality in a linear fashion we should thing of it more as a grid, with the bottom being asexual interest, the top being hypersexual…

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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