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can a FLR have elements of Femdom? How can a guy find an LTR that has both?

how can a guy have a live-in relationship with a prodomme?  Continue reading

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Are #prodommes only for guys with #bdsm experience?

how can a guy get a start in #bdsm? Continue reading

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Social Media’s witchunt of #SW

Youtube Banned: This is a look into an LA Dungeon by a reporter from the Playboy channel Continue reading

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why are women down on guys who support a prodomme’s sex-work?

Guys go willingly, if not eagerly, to the women who provide a service that they are willing to pay for Continue reading

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why are women so down on prodommes?

Most SW’s don’t want to be just anyone’s sexual plaything (unless there’s a lot of money involved). Continue reading

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DomCon LA is here again!

Come on down to LA Continue reading

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Dominas in competition?

I had a chance to view a promo developed in part by a domina who is not fully behind the plotline that a producer wants to give it: a “reality-show” conflict between 2 unlikely dominas. Due to privacy settings, I … Continue reading

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