A Dominant Mind: A Dominant’s Perspective on Dominance and D/s

How D/s can extend beyond the bedroom..and the way to avoid tedious micromanagement…delegate


A special thank you to Reverend Danny Smite for his willingness to add his thoughts to my blog. It’s much appreciated, Rev and a very welcome addition.

Why dominance?

I’ve been pondering recently how I would answer that question when asked by a person who has no clue about a D/s relationship. How to explain without sounding defensive or irrational.

I have to start by quoting from “Living M/s” by Dan and Dawn Williams.

Because “I don’t like nor am I good at playing chess”.

For me and many like me, a vanilla relationship is like chess. Jockeying moves and feints and gambits to gain control of decisions that are made in a relationship from day to day. For most, it isn’t much of a struggle at all. But it’s there. Final decisions are made often by one or the other person. There cannot be complete agreement. There is compromise…

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