Why I Stopped Caring About Gay Pride Events

Has ‘Gay Pride’ become too mainstream…too “normal” – or have some folks sold out?

Love Letters to a Unicorn


Its June, which means its Gay Pride Month (or LGBT Pride, or LGBTQAAI Month, or whatever). Most cities, large and small, have some recognition of the month with a parade or festival of some kind. This year (as with many of the past several years) I will be avoiding these celebrations.

This has nothing to do with the fact that my partner is now a man. I still identify very strongly as a queer person. It is not because I think gay folks have now achieved equality and liberation- we haven’t. It is because gay pride celebrations have made themselves irrelevant to queer liberation and life.

My first gay pride I went to was in 1990. It was a fund raising dinner and awards celebration in San Jose, CA. The emcee made a joke that the parade in San Francisco that year was huge compared to the one she started…

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