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Can the Kink scene be improved?

I wish that clientele/submissives would realize that Dominants are more versatile human beings than what’s in their fantasies…We have moments of emotional drops. We are more than just kinky service providers. Continue reading

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is there life after Tumblr?

Tumblr is about to purge all adult content in less than a week. Many contributors are scrambling to one or more of several contending replacements: Humblr.social – a crowdfunded Mastodon site (Mastodon created “switter.com” a twitter replacement for sex workers. Humblr … Continue reading

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How something that is usually repugnant can become a fetish if you are sexually aroused…

Originally posted on Haven for Vagabonds and Wanderers:
Too much light can be blinding… Are you novice to the now prevalent shades of grey? There are many, who in these past few years, have started relating to BDSM. Many are…

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