why submissives want their efforts to be noticed by their dominants…even if it results in punishment

Her Wish - My Command

This blog entry is more for myself, as a record, to reference later when I can reevaluate the conditions, events, and feelings from a different perspective. I had a passive tantrum this weekend where I didn’t do some chores and went quiet, preferring not to be the one to talk about it.

To set the stage – we typically average having sex three time a day. That only counts intercourse. Two weeks ago Sweetness developed a yeast infection halting that activity. The infection was directly followed by her cycle for all of last week. There was a good amount of teasing the first week but it dropped off the second week. I did get a few ruined orgasms and we managed a few sex interludes around the lower flow times.

Sweetness requested me to take off Friday to begin the house residing project. This was to take the worst section…

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*bondage and freedom: letter to a slave

An insight into the innermost feelings a slave might have during a bondage session…and how a dominant prepares for it

domme de plume

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” ~Vince Lombardi

You asked me what I was thinking the other night while you were bound.  I didn’t have an immediate reply, because it’s not an easy off the cuff answer.  The topic of bondage invites me to wax philosophical.  I’ve been thinking about it, and I would like to share this with you.

For me it begins as I am preparing for our session.  I know you want to be bound.  You specifically asked for restrictive, containment bondage that allowed you little to no freedom of movement.  I prepared a variety of items:  immobilizing leather wraps, cuffs, and straps, rope to anchor you in place, leather hood, and steel chains for their weight.  I take my time in applying these, watching the layers and locks add up.  At that point I am thinking about your safety first and foremost…

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Hef, Playboy, & American Sex

How Hef’s “Playboy” presented a balanced view of sex…that is often lacking in other similar magazines.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

With the passing of Hugh Hefner today, lots of sex writers and educators are reflecting on his influence on their lives and work. It is undeniable that Playboy has shaped the ideas of women, sex, and beauty for a huge percentage of Americans since it began publication in 1953. It has peppered the landscape of American sex for the better part of 70 years and has impacted American’s ideas of sex in ways few other magazine’s ever have.

My introduction to Playboy was not traditional at all! I had heard of it and I knew a few boys in high school who reportedly sold the copies they stole from their dad’s spank banks, but I did not see one until college. My introduction to the publication came from reading Gloria Steinem’s “A Bunny’s Tale” in my first edition copy of Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions.

I found her book in…

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Sexism and forced feminization

why is #forcedFeminization humiliating & degrading to some guys and not to others? And to guys believe that femininity is inferior to masculinity?

Domina Jen

I received this comment on my Why Idiots are Idiots post:

Dear Jen,

I would really like to know your opinion regarding forced feminization.

You see, forced feminization means that a male submissive is being degraded and humiliated by training and transforming him into a more feminine role and body. Does this imply that the femininity is somehow inferior to masculinity? I’m honestly confused about this.

Also, I find it interesting that there is no counterpart “forced masculinization”, where a maledom for example cuts his subs hair short, binds her breasts back and makes her fix his car.

Alright, I’ll be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question, and of course I’ve seen all the articles and angry blog posts talking about how forced feminization is sexist because it reinforces the idea that feminizing a man makes him less, because femininity is less.  Usually…

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Keeping him attentive to my needs

The more you let a guy access your intimate area, the more he will serve you!

Almost a Femdom Wife

I have not let my husband cum in over two weeks just because I can. I have been in complete control for over three years now. It has taken time to accept my internal desires. I have mentioned before he helped me to see that as  a vanilla wife I could look deep inside my self and sort thru my life’s turmoils that I carried and that controlled me as he patiently turned me in to a dominant wife. I was thinking that it was such a struggle when the boys were growing up. He was a big drinker, was gone a lot, and ignored my needs a lot. I wish I took control of him back then, I did not know any better at the time.

But now, no need goes unattended, none at all. Sexually, financially, domestic chores, car repairs, etc.

The other night I was in bed…

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Unicorn interviews 5: The BDSM unicorn

How it’s easier for a unicorn to hook up with a couple at an event than online dating sites

Hunting Unicorns

So, what brought you to the scene originally?
It’s one of those things where you can look back and go, ‘oh yeah, those adverts from the sixties that are horribly sexist, with some housewife being spanked because she bought the wrong coffee…’ I remember being fascinated by them, I mean I couldn’t have described it, and I couldn’t have told you that that was what was interesting, but I do remember that there was something fascinating about it. I’ve always had quite vanilla partners, and there’s only so far you can push people, when it’s not their thing. Also without feeling like you are doing it wrong somehow.  Since my late teens when people started to talk about it, I knew what I had to do was different, and I knew I was getting it wrong. Because, you know, nice girls stay at home, and there’s all that kind of…

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My Slave

The excitement & joy a dominant can feel…when she has met her true slave!

The Secret Aspie

It has been so long since I have been here or even felt the urge to write but I have nowhere else or someone I can express my feelings and thoughts to so here I am once again. In some ways, my life is exactly the same but with a few changes… There is no more Serena… the connection never happened. I see Shane occasionally and we play but we are just friends. And that is how I love him. I appreciate who he is as a person.

I hesitate to write about this as it is so personal and I am a private person… I have met someone and in a telephone call he turned my world upside down and we have met once and I don’t know whether to run and hide and be safe and not have to deal with what we have between us or take…

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