Betty Page in Bondage



In Male Fans Made Bettie Page a Star, but Female Fans Made Her an Icon 

despite a childhood in Nashville, Tennessee rife with neglect, sexual abuse by her father, and extreme poverty—she managed to graduate at the top of her high school class, earn a college degree, and forge her own career…Heterosexual men tend to love Page for obvious reasons, but for many women, Page symbolizes self-confidence, unapologetic sexuality, and bold authenticity.

She offers an alternative to the narrow and often unattainable ideal of beauty that the dominant culture imposes on women,…They find her unconventional beauty appealing, but it’s mostly her attitude: It’s fun, accessible, and completely open, and there’s a sense that anyone can do this.




via Betty Page in Bondage Vol. 5 — Vintage Fetish Zines, Photography & Art


from her biography:


“The only bondage posing I ever did was for Irving Klaw and his sister Paula. Usually every other Saturday he had a session for four or five hours with four or five models and a couple of extra photographers, and in order to get paid you had to do an hour of bondage. And that was the only reason I did it. I never had any inkling along that line. I don’t really disapprove of it; I think you can do your own thing as long as you’re not hurting anybody else — that’s been my philosophy ever since I was a little girl.”

“I was never one who was squeamish about nudity. I don’t believe in being promiscuous about it, but several times I thought of going to a nudist colony.”

“Being in the nude isn’t a disgrace unless you’re being promiscuous about it. After all, when God created Adam and Eve, they were stark naked. And in the Garden of Eden, God was probably naked as a jaybird too!”

“I don’t know what they mean by an icon. I never thought of myself as being that. It seems strange to me. I was just modeling, thinking of as many different poses as possible. I made more money modeling than being a secretary. I had a lot of free time. You could go back to work after an absence of a few months. I couldn’t do that as a secretary.”


The later Betty Page, 6 Startling Things I Didn’t Know about Bettie Page 

Bettie did Bondage – in the 1950s – and lots of it!

for Bettie Page, with all her smiley, joyous sexual freedom, to suggest that sex was simply a normal natural part of life, was quite simply revolutionary


Here is a classic account of how Betty worked during a bondage shoot from this link





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His Hand Print- a spanking she will remember!


How she remembers his hand print on her butt after he spanked her…like a trophy!

read it from here

If you’re new to spanking, check out How to Spank


Both the spanker and the spankee need to want the experience. Talking about whether spanking can be a part of sex play usually works best when it happens before your evening of passion.

some lines to introduce your partner to spanking:

  • “I really like it when…”
  • “I have a fantasy about spanking and was wondering if you would want to…”
  • “I really get turned on when…”
  • “I’ve always wanted to try…”
  • “Remember in that story when that woman got spanked? I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

When we get spanked, more blood flows to the skin, the muscles relax and arousal builds. Warm your partner up with softer spanks. Massage the lower back, hips, butt and thighs — the more relaxed we are, the better spanking can feel. Watch their body language for cues that they’re beginning to get turned on. You may want to include other stimulation such as genital play or light scratching and tickling to heighten sensation.

  • When spanking with a bare or leather-gloved hand, cupping the hand tends to create more thud while holding it flat with fingers spread creates more sting. Some people find that having the hand or paddle bounce back off the rump after a strike to be more pleasurable for both parties, rather than striking with solely a forward motion. Others like a “spank-and-grab” sensation.

You may want to shift from spanking towards other sexual activity. After all, now that you’re both turned on, there are so many other things to do! But afterwards, it’s often a good idea to check in with each other. What worked? What didn’t? What would you like to change? You can have those conversations right afterwards or maybe a day or two later, but make sure to have them. It’s one of the best ways to make sure that the next time is fun.


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A BDSM Scene – male dom, female sub

An account of a bdsm scene with a male dom and female sub

He pushed me up against the wall. The red light pulsated overhead in the dungeon. I felt some fear as he pressed his body up against mine and bit my neck. He had placed a marker under my chin, and if I moved and dropped the marker, I would be “hit really hard with the […]

via BDSM Scene — Misadventures and Musings

Check this link

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A sub guy may feel a major drop after an intense session… here’s how to work it out…


Both bottoms and tops show increases in relationship closeness and reductions in psychological stress from before to after their scenes

Some research has been done on the psychological aspects of drop.


The link to Sexual Outsiders is here

Dr. Richard Sprott at the California State University wrote (1)  in the 2016 Journal of Positive Sexuality that ‘drops’ can happen to anyone.

A couple of days after a magnificent BDSM scene with her Dominant, KittyK feels unusually sad and insecure. While it was one of the high points of her D/s relationship with SirStephan,“I feel a little lost and unconnected, maybe even a bit embarrassed, even though Sir has been so attentive,” she reports.
Then there is Samuel, who attends his first full weekend kink/leather event–filled with valuable classes and exciting play parties. He connects with some awesome people and gets a sense of being immersed in this world that he has always dreamed about; he feels a great sense of belonging. A few days later, after he gets back to his everyday work and home life, he finds it hard to concentrate, he feels exhausted, and he lacks interest in the usual things that bring him pleasure and satisfaction

Sprott believes there are two different types of drop – immediate after-scene drop and drops that can happen days later.

He theorizes a ‘drop’ can be a process of grief and bereavement. Grief ‘refers to the emotional and cognitive reactions that a person has when one experiences a loss or separation.’

He also believes drops can be the result of a person losing their identity.

He wrote: ‘One’s self, or a central identity, is changing in some way. And that change involves a loss of the old self – the old identity.’

‘For some people, the shame of being kinky and having done what you did may be the reason for a drop. We have so much societal disapproval and perhaps what they did conflicts with what their ideas of what a good person does…‘It’s a terrible thing for someone to feel bad about who they are – it’s why [the bdsm] community is so important


a BDSM scene, may involve a state of consciousness called “flow.”…if individuals are experiencing peak moments or moments of flow during one of these BDSM scenes, these profound states of consciousness might be “what is lost,” afterward. The incredible mental state is no more.
These peak experiences can be felt at the level of the group, of the community…having this side of a person’s sexuality and kink identity supported and expressed when, in comparison, most other spaces and events do not support or allow expression, can be powerful and very impactful. Event drop can include peak erotic experiences in the whole, but larger BDSM events usually involve a community-space (communal) brand of peak experience which are not necessarily erotic. This peak experience involves the release of a part of ourselves that we often feel necessary to keep under wraps, and so community kink events can impact our identities and self-concepts just as much as a deeply personal, individual peak erotic experience may.
BDSM in particular may heighten the “erotic equation” that heightens the possibility
of a peak experience: BDSM scenes often involve some sort of barrier or constriction
(physical and/or psychological barriers) that is then overcome, so that the person finally
consummates their desire, achieves erotic release. This intensified experience may result in peak experiences which then can have significant impact on one’s consciousness, identities, relationships, intimacies, etc. And then the experience is over, and so it would not be unusual to experience a loss, with a resultant grief process.
aftercare means communicating and taking care of one another after sex to ensure that all parties are 100% comfortable with what went down.
Amanda Luterman, a kink-friendly psychotherapist says:
A “sub-drop” refers to the sadness a submissive (or dominant) partner may feel once endorphins crash and adrenaline floods their body after a powerful scene 
One 2015 study found that nearly 46% of the 230 women surveyed felt feelings of tearfulness and anxiety after sex — which is known as “postcoital dysphoria” …Experts have speculated that this may stem from the hormonal changes people (particularly women) experience after orgasm, but many also say that it can come from feeling neglected. The so-called “orgasm gap” suggests that straight women, in particular, may feel that their needs in bed are ignored. Luterman says that people, in general, can also feel lousy post-sex if they’re not communicating about what they liked and didn’t like about the experience.
taking the time to be affectionate and talk more after sex — a.k.a. aftercare — can make sex better for everyone…Luterman says that you can just express that you had a good time and see if they’re interested in seeing you again (if those are thoughts you’re actually having). “People want to be reminded that they still are worthwhile, even after they’ve been sexually gratifying to the person…If your experience didn’t go well, it’s important to voice that, too.
Ask: Did the sex hurt? Do they want to do it again? What did they like and not like about it? You can’t know what your partner is thinking unless you ask them. Plus, it can be easy for long-term partners to feel taken for granted, so making sure to cuddle, stroke each other’s hair, and savor the moment after sex can make even the most routine sex feel special.
What are the symptoms of drop? From the bdsmwiki:

The symptoms of drop will generally set in within 24-72 hours after an intense scene in which endorphins and adrenaline received a spike commonly associated with sub/top space, and thus will result in a crash with symptoms reminiscent of depression which may include:

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
  • Fatigue and decreased energy
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism
  • Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping
  • Irritability, restlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
  • Overeating or appetite loss
  • Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment
  • Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings
  • Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts

Treatment for drop owuld be

Several known techniques tend to limit, mitigate and even eliminate drop.

  • Vitamin B and Fish Oil If you plan on having some heavy play sessions in the near future, start taking some extra vitamin B and Fish Oil supplements a few days before the scene and for a few days after. This will help replace many of the minerals that will be lost from your adrenaline and endorphin highs to decrease the potential for drop, and mitigate its effects.
  • Food and Drink Ensure you have eaten and hydrated properly before a scene. Intoxicants will generally work against hydration, best practices indicates to avoid mixing play and intoxicants.
  • Gradual Scene Build Up and Decline Drop is far less likely to occur with gradual scene build up, gradual scene decline, and extensive, intimate, aftercare. This creates more of a wave on the beach effect that slowly recedes back to the ocean, rather than a spike and cliff drop.
  • Eat Chocolate Eating chocolate during aftercare helps mirror Oxytocin and allows greater long term intimacy bonding potential during aftercare. Oxytocin release can greatly mitigate and ward off the effects of drop.
  • Contact reach out to the person you played with or the person who provided you aftercare if you experience drop, knowing they care enough to talk with you on the phone for a bit, meet for coffee or curl up and watch a movie with you can often eliminate or significantly reduce drop as much of drop is an emotional experience due to hormone imbalance. If they are unavailable or it is inappropriate to contact them, spend time with or call a friend or loved one. If you’re not sure who to call because you don’t have many vanilla friends, make some kinky friends you can call and can call you during experiences of drop where you can each mutually help cheer each other up.
  • Antacids if you are also experiencing flu like symptoms it is likely do to a minor build up of lactic acid in your system. While a severe build up of lactic acid (such as from hanging suspension syndrome) can cause lactic acidosis which may cause instant death or slow death due to the blood becoming septic, far more commonly a minor build up from play can be overcome with some rest, water, and TUMS. If you are in doubt, see a doctor, preferably a kink friendly one.
  • Pampering a bathrobe, some chocolate, a hot bath with candles, good book and some general relax time can work wonders for curing drop for many people.
  • Sunshine a natural vitamin D boost contained within sunlight can be a great aid to help battle drop.
  • Mild Excercise such as a light jog, yoga, aerobics and similar can help release endorphins if you have many left in your body which will help mitigate the experience of drop.
  • Get Busy move a muscle, change a thought. Do a task to distract yourself, preferably a productive one, something simple and easy like making the bed or doing the dishes. Not only will you distract yourself, but completing a task will help improve your current esteem levels by providing a sense of accomplishment.
  • Journaling write your feelings out until you run out of them. Sometimes it can help to organize your thoughts on paper and just getting them out is enough to help you feel better. Once you do you might be able to look at them and assess which feelings are most useful to you.
  • It goes away if all of the other techniques aren’t working, at least keep in mind the negative feelings will pass, usually within a few hours to a day. This will make it seem like a waiting game, but it’s better than focusing on and feeding the misery. If you are experiencing severe emotional issues consider if you aren’t experiencing paraphilic drop, or if you might otherwise benefit from counselling or having your hormone levels audited to ensure their normalcy.


Amy’s Top 25 Subdrop Remedies

  1. Cuddle someone/something! Your partner, a friend, a stuffed toy, your pet.
  2. Make your favourite hot drink and sip it slowly, noticing how it tastes and letting the cup warm your hands.
  3. Eat some chocolate or whatever your favourite sweet treat is. Not enough to make you feel sick, just enough to give you those feel-good chemicals.
  4. Cook yourself a simple, healthy meal and enjoy eating it slowly. Something with protein and vegetables.
  5. Watch your favourite film or an episode of your favourite Netflix show. Something lighthearted is better.
  6. Write in your journal.
  7. Post to your blog, if you have one.
  8. Share how you’re feeling on your kinky social media of choice. Sympathy and virtual cuddles from friends who get it can be surprisingly cathartic.
  9. Listen to a comedy podcast or watch some stand-up. Laugh until your tummy hurts.
  10. Curl up under a cozy duvet with a good book or a magazine.
  11. Meditate. There are thousands of free guided meditations on Youtube, or try the Insight Timer app.
  12. Masturbate! Orgasm can perk you up no end.
  13. Go for a walk. Preferably somewhere out in nature, but to the shop at the end of the street and back will work in a pinch.
  14. Sit in your garden, if you have one, or a nearby park. Fresh air is important.
  15. Buy yourself something, if you can afford to. This could be as elaborate as that dress you’ve been lusting after for months, or as simple as a fancy coffee.
  16. Tidy up your room or work space. I always feel better and more clear-headed when my safe spaces are neat and tidy.
  17. Take a bath or shower. Spend as long as you like luxuriating in the hot water. Use your most decadent shower gel or that fancy bath bomb you’ve been saving.
  18. Play loud, upbeat music. Optional extras: sing along loudly, dance around your room for the length of a song or two.
  19. Call someone you miss. Your mum. A grandparent. Your best friend in another city. Just pick up the phone, say hi and catch up.
  20. Create something. Whatever your creative talent is, use it. Play your instrument, bake a cake, write a page of your novel, knit a few rows of your latest project.
  21. Take a nap. Even an hour of shut-eye will help recharge you a little.
  22. Exercise. Hit the gym, go for a run, or do some yoga. Moving your body releases tension and clears your mind.
  23. Get your hair cut or your nails done. No drastic changes! But a bit of pampering can really raise your mood and make you feel good about yourself.
  24. Just sit with the feeling. This is a mindfulness technique. Sit, feel, and think: I am feeling rotten right now because I am subdropping, but I know this feeling will soon pass and I will be okay.
  25. Do something for someone else. Whether it’s a chore that’s normally your partner’s but they’re super busy today, or getting shopping for an elderly neighbour, caring for others takes you out of your own head.

popular article:]




(1)  Black and Blues: Sub Drop, Top Drop, Event Drop and Scene Drop

RA Sprott – Journal of Positive Sexuality, 2016
The full interviews of Dr. Sprott can be found here
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Femdom as an art form for fashion & fantasy as told by Theodora

Back then, the gay leather crowd had Peter Berlin . In the 1950’s we had Betty Page. Today we have Theodora .

Theodora explains how she develops the femdom fantasy in this link

Femdom as an Art Form Female domination is the kink where a presumably submissive male protagonist (or more rarely, a submissive female, queer, or gender non-conforming individual) is being sexually dominated by a dominant female figure. While this often brings to mind images of a leather or latex-clad woman castigator, with whips and chains and […]

via The Art of Femdom by The Only Theodora — iWantBlog

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A bi-guys guide to finding a date: the oral test


A bi guy might be up for a date from either sex but eventually, he finds that most binary people (either straight or gay) are not interested in a date with him. Here’s a simple test to ferret out those binary folks.

If you’re chatting with a woman and she asks what other things you’re interested in tell her you like to suck cock. If she says “I would never kiss a guy who sucks another guy’s dick” then you swipe reject.

With a guy, if he asks about your other interests, tell him you like to lick pussy. If he says: “ew, I wouldn’t put my tongue in a woman’s pussy” then you swipe reject.

Why is this? Most binary people only consider doing things that are pleasurable to them. If you’re open about sexuality, you try to do things that are pleasurable to your partner (even if it isn’t pleasurable to you). I don’t suggest that all bi guys are open about doing things but they have to be a bit more flexible if they want to satisfy their lust for either gender.

Another thing I’ve come to notice about binary people is that straights are merely curious about your bisexuality (“tell me more about yourself”, “where are you on the Kinsey scale”, “do you sleep around a lot?”, etc.). At it’s worst, straights think you are promiscuous and play around too much. Straight women view a guy’s bisexuality as a ‘deal-breaker’ and think you can’t be relied upon.

In What It’s Really Like for Women to Date Bisexual Men

[women] would receive very abusive, spiteful comments about [their bisexual] relationship, like: “You can’t trust [him],” or “There’s no real thing such as bisexuality.”

In What it’s like for women to date bisexual men A research study by Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Senior Lecturer in Social Diversity in Health and Education at Deakin University and the co-author of the book Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men found 

by seeing bisexuality as a deal-breaker, heterosexual women might not only be unwittingly dodging perfectly decent partners, but the best. Research has found that men who are bisexual – and feel comfortable being out – are better in bed – and the relationship develops – more caring long-term partners and fathers. Some women who took part in an Australian study even said they would never be able to go back to dating straight men at all. It turned out that straight men were the ones with more emotional and misogynistic baggage.

[bi guys] were far more aware of sexual diversity and desire, [and] were more willing to engage in less heteronormative sexual acts, such as liking anal penetration by their women partners. They were also up to explore novel sexual acts. Many women found themselves exploring BDSM, polyamory, and were themselves encouraged to explore same-sex relationships.

We had some women who said that after dating a bi man, they could never go back to dating a straight man.”


How gay guys see bi-guys.

Gay men think you’re just dabbling about coming out and insincere. Most of the media about bi-guys suggests that they are really gay but haven’t come out yet (check out the video below).

Fortunately, most gay guys will consider having sex with a bi-guy if he’s hot. They may put you in their contacts as a fuck buddy. Some gay guys will say they don’t mind fucking a bi-guy but kissing him is another matter. Maybe that’s the line between a romantic relationship and just sex? Having a fuck-buddy is a way to get out of the relationship if you find you can’t dig the guy. Or, if you’re really drunk and don’t care, who you gonna call?

Stigma against women who date bi-guys.

If a woman couples with a bi guy, she may find it difficult to find acceptance in either the straight or gay community.

Some couples found that while their relationship was stable, that they struggled to find acceptance in others.

“Some bi men and their partners felt they no longer belonged and were discriminated against by gay men and lesbians. Some women who had been loved by gay men were now hearing comments like, ‘You’d better lock your boyfriends away, the female predator is here’,” says  Dr Pallotta-Chiarolli.



Couples who want a bi-guy for a threesome.

Most male-dominated couples prefer a female unicorn, but many women prefer another guy in a threesome. Usually they will accede to the male, especially if he has strong homophobia. But bi-couples may appreciate having a versatile male in a threesome as an alternative to the traditional unicorn setup.



In What do men get out of a guy-guy-girl threesome?

Regardless of the gender of the other person involved, the straight men still get to bang a hot chick….[why?]  because they can. Some people are in it for the thrill, the taboo, or simply to fulfill a fantasy for their partner, in the case of a coupled threesome. Ergonomically speaking, there’s a lot more you can do with three people: more stimulation, more positions, and let’s not forget the ever popular double penetration move…”It’s basically just all about putting attention on the girl. The other guy knew I was bi, but I knew he wasn’t and didn’t want to do anything funky so I just didn’t do anything with him.”

When I get checked out for a threesome with a couple, I’ll first determine that both partners are open minded (using my oral test above). It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if one isn’t, but you have to modify your activities. Most guys in a threesome shy away from gay sex except possibly a blowjob. Still this can be a hot thing to do after penetration!

When you’re screening a couple, you must determine if they want double penetration (DP). Most guys have seen it in porn flicks and figure it’s hot. Most women are afraid of it.

The centerpiece of many MMF threesomes is the double penetration (DP), but it has issues

  • [the guy’s] penises have to be awfully close. For some guys this is a deal breaker. They will definitely be able to feel each other through the thin wall of flesh. This can also be a deal breaker. But this can be super hot if both guys are bi!
  • The positions that allow a DP aren’t as easy as they look in porn. They can be very physically strenuous for one of both guys. Most DP scenes require multiple takes if only because they don’t last long.


Bi guys in the BDSM community.

Fortunately the GLBTQ BDSM community is mostly accepting of a wide range of fetishes. Bisexuality is sometimes thought of as a fetish. In a femdom scene, forcing the sub to suck off a guy is a form of humiliation, especially if he is homophobic. If he’s bi, it’s a big turnon for both the dominant and submissive. I get a lot of calls for these kind of scenes. Usually the Domme wants a male dom to top her sub while she torments him. I’m reluctant to get into these situations if the guy is a virgin because it’s a kind of rape. I have to make sure the guy really consents to what will happen in the scene.

Bi guys in the leather community.

If you attend any of our leather streetfairs you’ll find a fair number of guys are bi. They like women, especially women into leather. But they prefer leather Doms for scenes because of the masculine thing. Most will say they’re only into the leather scene and not into the gay culture.

Take my friend Pete for instance. A few years ago he was tight with his high school girlfriend, Louise. When he went to college he went out for wrestling and discovered guys have a lot to offer. He moved in with his current partner, Larry, and got into leather. (Louise and he are still FWB’s). “When I was in high school I liked guys who were into sports but was afraid about being called a fag,” he told me recently, “and now I’m into bdsm and like domming my partner. Neither of us considers ourselves gay. Larry’s got a girlfriend who likes to watch us first before we do her. Sometimes we have a threesome and he’ll eat creampie. We also do snowballing.”




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Joanna Angel Power Play Kit

A definitive post on bondage restraints

For a catalog of restraint pictures (and their prices), check this link

To learn about the purposes of restraining someone for sex, check this link

[restraints] are designed to keep a submissive from escaping or moving. They are often used during acts such as erotic humiliation, cock-and-ball torture, and discipline. Being restrained helps increase a submissive’s feelings of helplessness and humiliation; and makes it appear as though a dominant is in complete control…The most basic sex restraint is rope. Other sex restraints can include handcuffs, padded leather wrist cuffs, collars, body harnesses, full-body suits, bondage mitts, and under-the-bed restraint systems

For the uses of restraints in sex play, check this article A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM: Using and Enjoying Restraint Play Sex Toys

there are BDSM activities for everyone. Restraint play sex toys come in all stripes for all sorts of different sensations, for beginners and experts alike…If you are a bondage beginner, there is nothing to worry about. While every sexual scene has its own lingo and rules, the truth is all that matters is what you want to do with your sexual partner. You set your own rules and find your own level of comfort. You find the restraint play sex toys with which you are the most comfortable and which make you the happiest.

Locking Leather Neck-Wrist

Locking Leather Neck-Wrist



Beginner Fleece Bed Restraints Kit

This restraint kit fits underneath any sized bed and reaches around to firmly cuff your partner’s wrists and ankles. Sturdy fleece cuffs Velcro shut for the ultimate in comfort as well as security. Once you have them in your ideal position, feel free to use your favorite ticklers, whips, candles and other items to explore. Now you can enjoy teasing and pleasing your partner with bondage play…Part of the fun is strapping him down. He’s completely naked, and already throbbing hard, as I spread him out on the bed and slowly cuff him. Left wrist with my long hair teasing his chest, right wrist with my tits in his face. Left ankle with my ass in his face, right ankle with his cock brushing my belly. I’ve propped his head up with some pillows so he can watch my every move. His hands ball up into fists, desperate to touch himself. His toes curl with desire. I straddle him, but refuse to lower myself onto him, rubbing my pussy until my wetness drips onto him. Groaning, he throws his head back but can’t look away for long. He snaps back up as I slowly rub my slit against the head of his cock. The restraints are pulled taught as he struggles to touch me, but I shake my head and laugh. Crawling up toward his face, I whisper, “You can watch me for a little bit longer. And if you’re good, I’ll let you lick it.”



The Kink Journals

Restraint can play quite a large role in some BDSM scenes. It has the power to be used to achieve different effects, it can be used to:

  • Show dominance – The Dominant can use restraint as a way of showing that they are in charge.
  • Surrender control – By allowing themselves to be restrained a submissive is able to surrender all control and show trust in their dominant.
  • Deprivation – Restraint will prevent the submissive from moving, therefore depriving them of being able to touch their dominant (or themselves) This give the dominant control over touching and play enabling them to bring the submissive close to orgasm then depriving them from orgasm.
  • Create desire – The more you can’t have something you want it more, this is common with restraint.
  • Show/create obedience – Present in collared scenarios, amongst others, if the submissive is obedient during restraint then they may be…

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