why do women read & like gay erotica?


Why do women read gay erotica? What do women see in guys having sex?

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“The uber-masculine stock characters portrayed in gay romances have always had great appeal with heterosexual women,” Rinaldo Walcott, an associate sociology professor at the University of Toronto

author Alex Beecroft’s motivation for writing about the love that dared not speak its name has little to do with advocacy or adventure…”Although I have a very heterosexual life with my husband, writing m/m romance felt like I was coming out in a way: I am writing about all the fantasies I have had since I hit puberty. There is an element of women’s sexuality that has not been able to express itself for such a long time. These books allow that for me and the reader.”

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As hot and heavy as some M/M romance sex gets, the bottom line is that it is predominately written by women for women…“Perhaps they are writing M/M sex correctly physically but portraying it emotionally the way a woman would feel.”

M/M erotic romance writers aim to do more than move us or entertain us; they aim to turn us on.



in Why Are So Many Gay Romance Novels Written By Straight Women?

maybe gay erotica is a woman’s version of a man’s lesbian fantasy, without compromising integrity.

M/M erotica allows women to watch guys have sex from a safe distance. But why do they prefer this genre over M/F or F/F? Simply because it’s about guys doing sex and this gets them hot!

Can women get “it” right, when it comes to the deed itself?

Check out:

A New Life

Thomas laid down on top of him, pressing his body against Jordan’s. When their cocks touched and Thomas began grinding his hard cock against Jordan’s he heard a deep growl at the back of Jordan’s throat. “You like having my prick pressed firmly against yours, don’t you?” Thomas moaned against Jordan’s ear. “Yes, God yes, I can’t describe how good it feels. My cock is throbbing so hard for you right now.” Jordan brought his hands out from behind his head and wrapped his arms around Jeremy.





in Thrusted Hard and Creamed!


in Down and Dirty


in Dominant Desires



in Craving the Boss







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Sexual Healing (part 1)

If you’re considering #bdsm in a sexual setting for emotional healing, here is some guidance.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

The theme of healing through kink has come up repeatedly in both my reading and real life a lot lately. For me, this is a touchy subject. I know from first hand experience BDSM can be very healing. I have also seen too many people try to sublimate issues or repress feelings through sex leading to very unhealthy outcomes.

Many people find engaging in kink and BDSM to be healing. It is. When practiced well, BDSM prioritizes connection, care, and respect. For many of us, incorporating those three things into a sexual situation is healing in and of itself.

We are in a culture now that glorifies being “happy” and the one-shot cure. We look for pills to make us happy. We look for experiences to “fix” what is wrong. We want it quick, easy, and cheap. The truth is, healing is rarely quick, easy, or cheap. Expecting kink to…

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Sexual Healing (part 2)

Can #bdsm practices alleviate mental illness? This article discusses the limitations particularly in treating self-harm and using catharsis to relieve depression.

Love Letters to a Unicorn

When I was in one of my basic psychology courses in undergrad, the professor described sublimation with the following example.

Say you have someone who really likes to hit and beat up people. This is not an acceptable impulse in most of society. So he chooses to pursue a career as a professional boxer. He takes his desire to be violent and to hit people and sublimates that desire by channeling it into a professional career.

We can’t really talk about BDSM/kink and healing without addressing sublimation.

Sublimation is problematic for healing in BDSM. It can create very unhealthy dynamics and it fails to address the root of the issue someone is dealing with. The best example of sublimation gone wrong is what I have deemed “The Secretary Fantasy.” In the movie The Secretary the dominant (played by James Spader) finds out the submissive (Maggie Gyllenhall) is a…

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Here’s a guide to pegging your man from a woman’s perspective !

The Kink Journals

Pegging is where a woman wears a strap-on and uses it on a man. This can be very erotic for both parties, it can be role reversal, allow the woman to explore dominance, even allow the man to explore his bi-side. However, at the same time, just because a man enjoys anal play with a strap on, doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay or bi-curious, it may just mean that he enjoys role reversal or female dominance.

There are different types of strap-ons. The traditional type is harness based which slips on like underwear and then can be adjusted to make it secure. The dildo attachment usually comes with different sized interchangeable rings so you have the ability to attach different sized dildos. Some harnesses come with an internal pocket where the female can insert a small vibrator for extra enjoyment. There are also strapless versions where the dildo has…

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Anal – The How to guide

Conventional wisdom is that women don’t get pleasure from anal sex…. but it can be pleasurable if done right!

The Kink Journals

Everybody knows what anal is these days, but how do you actually do it? Understandably not everyone will be into anal, but for those that are, here is a bit of a how to guide to get you started.

There is a high concentration of nerves situated around the Anus, which, during anal sex are stimulated creating pleasure. Lube will be your best friend as the rectum does not naturally lubricate itself like the vagina does.  It is usually preferred for the act of douching to take place first. This allows for a clean environment inside the rectum, to prevent embarrassment and mess.

For Beginners, if you’re not sure about Anal, and don’t know whether you will enjoy it, start off by getting your partner to apply lots of lube then gently and gradually inset one finger into the Anus. Move it slowly in and out until you get used…

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You will obey me, won’t you baby?

How tease & denial can make him obey!


Copied from my other blog…

I’ve been denying him.  Almost two weeks now. He’s been horny. And cranky. So I decided to give him some release today. But not how he wanted it (in the ass of course). Because of his crankiness he would cum how I wanted him to cum. Best to keep the sub happy. But still maintain control.

But first me. I always come (cum) first. It’s a rule I recently imposed. I like my new rule. Hehe

After he brought me to orgasm with his fingers I sat up and announced “now it’s your turn my love.”

He positively glowed.

I started with my hand and tongue. He was already rock hard. As I brought him closer to climax I spoke these words:

“Do you trust me my love?”
He doesn’t sound too sure as he stutters “y-yes…”

“And do you trust that I will do what…

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His lesson

How the simple administration of pain can make a guy remember what his dominant expects him to do…and obey in the future!


Copied from my other blog

The baskets that he was supposed to take downstairs are still there when I wake up this morning. The bag of dirty clothes still at the foot of the stairs waiting for him to bring them to the laundry as asked. This is day two or three. I don’t remember.

I carry the baskets down and bring the clothes to the laundry. I don’t say a word to him and the day continues as normal. Later tonight I walk into the room with a smile on my face and cuddle up to him on the bed. I lift his shirt and start to caress his chest. His nipples harden and I lightly caress those too. All the while talking to him sweetly.

“What are you watching love?”

”The World Cup re-cap”

“Ah. Did you have a good day love?” I ask, rubbing his nipples lightly.

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