A couple’s seaside vacation

Sensual femdom is best explained by the stories of those who practice it.

Setup: Mandy and Parker rent a beachside cottage with a deck that is exposed to the ocean and strollers. Parker kneels by Mandy as she collars him and attaches a lead. He is aroused by a pegging scenario.

Mandy arouses Parker when she tops him
She confirms that he is aroused by pleasuring her.

men need to feel convinced that renderings of the woman’s arousal aren’t fake but a representation of actual sexual excitement

They are both aroused by being seen by others.

“Healthy exhibitionism is a sex-positive celebration of the erotic” – https://tinyurl.com/2hnchzf8

she demonstrates her possession of him by collaring

“a BDSM collar is the symbolism of ownership of the dom of the sub. It shows that the sub is under the complete command and control of the dom/master. In other words, when a sub is bound by a collar, s/he is bound to obey everything the master desires or orders the sub to do.”


he wants to show her his devotion and submission “Make them beg for more attention…and have them do so for a while before you give in. Since this type of domination is gentle and nurturing the only pain they should feel in this activity is the overwhelming torture of wanting to be close to you.” – https://tinyurl.com/2neaumgr
she becomes aroused by hearing his reaction to her administration of pain.
“The more pleasure you provide, the more pain your partner will be able to take. You can use this to your advantage to increase your partner’s…tolerance to pain and even to condition yourself to enjoy it.” – https://tinyurl.com/2hdhjj5k
he offers her the opportunity to show his submission to her to others.
A dominant woman doesn’t want a sub that is ashamed of his preference or their relationship…If you judge yourself and your desires, she will think you’re doing this to her. Be proud to be submissive.https://tinyurl.com/2qqzogwx

This short story illustrates a “hedonistic” femdom relationship. Parker tries to be the best “sub” he can be. Mandy encourages Parker to pleasure her while she is directing and controlling the activity. Parker is aroused by pleasing Mandy. They explore sensual femdom together in a sexual submissive relationship where “the dominant person is taking charge and giving sexual orders to the submissive partner” ( https://tinyurl.com/47hsx9r8 )

Sensual domination, or loving domination, is a D/s relationship where instead of relying on degrading statements and acts to ‘prove’ their worth to their Dominant, they perform acts of service in order to receive praise and affection from their Dominant.


having the dom bring their sub’s head closer to their sweet spots, nestling it in such a way that both partners experience a sexual build-up

sensual bdsm emphasizes erotic sensations

this type of play uses the body’s senses as a way to arouse and provide stimulation. During sensation play, an altered state is induced by over stimulating or depriving the use of one or more of your partner’s senses — touch, sight, taste or hearing


Playing Outside: Under Her Control Kindle Edition

by Henrietta Soto 

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