Are guys motivated by their libido? – the erotica premise

The best erotica for a guy is what gets him off. Does the libidinous impulse translate to real life? Can your partner really do as well as your fantasy?

Dean rents out his spare bedroom to Tara. Tara relaxes in his apartment and shows some skin. Dean gets aroused. Tara finds him getting off with her underwear. She senses his submissive side and seduces him with her dominance.

his arousal shows her that he likes to be dominated
erotica involves a buildup and a release of sexual tension
The first reaction to his libido is denial
libido is enhanced by a tease and promise if he would do what she wanted

As libido wanes he vacillates between what he really wants and what it will take to get it
his libido reasserts itself as she reminds him of his deeper need
his mind hesitates but his desires overrides his reluctance to go forward with her
his body capitulates to his desires

The erotic catharsis happens, his mind is cleared of doubts. If he repeats this experience many times with her, will he commit and continue to live with her?

In the end, Tara controls the sex with Dean her way by arousing him through her domination.

Under Her Heel: A Femdom Erotica Kindle Edition

by Dina Daring 

Under Her Heel: A Femdom Erotica by Dina Daring

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A short story about how Tara moves in with Dean. As roommates, she lives in his apartment scantily clad, while he steadily gets the hots for her. She finds him with her underwear and orders him to please her, discovering what makes him aroused: “deep down you want me to take control…you want to be disciplined…you need to obey what I tell you”. The story ends with a mutually enjoyable climax. As a short story it lacks dominance between Tara and Dean, but as erotica it gets to the point quickly. Unlike typical erotica, it has just one small typo (“food” for “foot”) and is well written. Try this sampler and watch for other writing from this author.

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