Suffer in Silence

When a guy has been rejected by his partner…his insecurities come back to the surface

A guy has to be tough…if he’s going to make it

If They’ve Made the Wrong Choices

Whether or Not They’re Good Partners

Having (and Showing) Emotions

Is his dick big enough

Where They Are in Their Careers

Is he attractive enough

Not being successful enough. Attractive enough. Talented enough. Man enough. You name it. I think in general it just comes down to the way I unconsciously, and sometimes even consciously, compare myself to others and this overwhelming feeling of not being enough for anyone. But then I remind myself that the eight-year-old boy inside me who is still so hurt from being bullied, and teased, and who came home so broken, in reality has so much to offer this world, is loved deeply by many, and is more than enough. And when I can go there, I feel at peace. – Justin Baldoni

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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4 Responses to Suffer in Silence

  1. S Mace says:

    Insecurity born out of our our childhood vulnerability is habitual and hard to shake off. Then, rejection of any kind triggers our previous reliving of trauma. Me too.

  2. ezee shad says:

    Comparison is a joystealer

  3. It’s not only guys that feel that way (Except about the penis size). Though with girls it is usually “am I too fat?”

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