Guys who wear lingerie

There are many guys who say they will never slip on women’s lingerie.

conventional wisdom says lingerie is just for women

If your partner said you look sexy in your underwear, what would you do?

many guys now pose in their briefs to attract a date

If they are getting bored with your ‘tighty whities’, isn’t it time to shop around?

Tight briefs to show off a man’s assets

A tight brief acts like a push-up bra: it shows off your package.

some guys will wear skimpy undies

Ken was often razzed by the guys at the gym for his twink body. He didn’t want to remove his clothes for his gf with the lights on until I turned him on to these briefs. Their skimpiness shows off his shredded pecs and highlights his diminutive but rock-hard package. Now he wears a color of briefs that matches his mood and likes to show them to his gf.

A black thong with a tight back-end to emphasize a guy’s anatomy

A guy may not see his butt very often…but it’s a big attraction to many women.

wear something classy for your partner

A thong with a gold or silver lame pouch symbolizes wealth and status.

a little lace to show a guy’s feminine side

Dressing in lace for your lady can show your softer side.

tasteful lingerie that teases and conceals

Many women find ‘dick pics’ repugnant but showing a little skin may be tasteful.

don’t forget your backside…and a matching top

A matching camisole can flatten tummies besides giving you warmth for cool evenings. For more lingerie variety, check this site.

Garters and stockings will emphasize fashion

Stockings can have a slimming effect of a guy’s legs – besides covering up unsightly hair.

A split back if you’re ready for action

Split backs are not for gay guys only. Straight guys can use them to signal their partner that they’re ready for some butt action.

Some lingerie can work with more mature guys

Some older guys will wear a touch of lace to show the ladies another side to their macho exterior.

That ‘bad-boy’ look

The minimal thong is good for showing off most of a guys body. The tight fabric covers a package that anyone can easily guess what’s underneath.

or the ‘hunky-jock’ look

Jocks are symbolic of vigor and health. Your athletic body in a jock can easily suggest this.

Think of posing on the bed

Guys should consider how they will look while in bed as it’s the most popular place to show their undies.

or just hanging around the house

Many guys hang around with just their undies these days. It keeps your partner from guessing; ‘what you see is what you get’. It tells your partner you can slip them off and slide into action quickly .

Lingerie can be a form of humiliation for submissive guys

Many guys are afraid to be seen in women’s undergarments. They often feel humiliated when forced to wear them but it reinforces their submissiveness.

are you ready to ‘arrest’ your partner?

If your partner gets a little frisky, you can whip out your nightstick.

guys now have lots of choices for their underwear…for almost every occasion

A guy’s underwear says a lot about his desires. You can break out of conventional clothes and show your wild side!

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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3 Responses to Guys who wear lingerie

  1. I’m not really in to guys wearing women’s Lingerie but those lace ones are kinda hot!

  2. dave94015 says:

    At one time women gave their man a present of underwear with sports team logos or holiday icons. Now couples shop for their underwear together. If your partner told you that you’d look sexy in a particular garment, would you get it and wear it in the privacy of your bedroom?

    • Of course! While the garment may not be my taste, it is for the visual appeal of my partner. I might not wear it regularly, but why not give your partner what they want and find hot on you? For me, it more about my partner than about me.

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