Guys! Your erection is your health

“Is one expected to be a gentleman when one is stiff?” –– Marquis de Sade

A guys boner may indicate the state of his health

I posted previously about how guys can overcome erectile dysfunction (ED) and get aroused when they’re not into their partner.  A guy’s partner may assume that his lowered performance is a sign that he’s losing interest in him/her; but this may be a precursor for ED and a sign of overall health decline.

Conventional wisdom is that ED accompanies natural aging. Many physicians will say there is no treatment available. Recently there is a sharp rise of ED among younger (< 50 years old ) males. Fortunately, medical science has some therapies that work.

If you’re not having sex, why bother with treating ED?

The biggest predictor of heart disease with males over 50 is ED:

ED is like the canary in the coal mine; it indicates health decline in males. If you quit smoking, lose weight, moderate drinking and have other health improvements, your ED may disappear.

Here is a webinar that explains ED.

Explanation involving endothelial cells: No nitric oxide (NO), no sexual performance . When endo cells are damaged, you may have other health concerns beside ED. NO directly affects a males ability to have an erection. Some guys will administer inhalers (“poppers”) to enhance their sexual experience.

Guys may assume that they can solve their ED problems with medications (such as Viagra) but pills have side effects (loss of color vision) , headaches and flushing, only treat symptoms and are effective for only 5 years.

Penis Enlargement. Some guys think that merely enlarging their dick will be sufficient. Does it work? Read this review.

You can use a vacuum constriction device (VCD) for immediate relief (it costs about $125 on Amazon or $87 at Walgreens ). To determine if penis pumps work, check this. Give yourself injections or do surgery (implant). But there is shockwave therapy and stem-cell therapy.

Gainswave & P-shot link can cost about $3000 for a regimen.

There are many physical and psychological factors that may contribute to a guy’s limp dick. The following chart from an ED clinic in Portland Or. summarizes the popular reasons for ED.

a list of ED causes from
Dr. Kathryn Retzler of

 The goal is to keep the endothelial layers of the arteries healthy, increase NO2 production. Doing more cardio with blood flow levels elevated can improve the delivery of nutrients. Intermittent fasting may lower blood pressure. ..

What if the amount of your ejaculate (semen) is declining? Should you be concerned? In Is Your Semen Volume Normal?:

Lots of guys worry about whether the volume of their ejaculate is cause for concern, says Daniel Williams, M.D., an associate professor in the department of urology and director of male reproductive medicine and microsurgery at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. …

Even if your eruptions don’t quite hit that benchmark, you still might be perfectly normal. But if you’re only producing 1.5 ml or less of the sticky stuff — less than one-third of a teaspoon — that’s when you may need further evaluation

The problem could be one of two types: the strength and volume of your ejaculation:

Weak ejaculation is largely subjective, meaning it’s often noticed by the person. Orgasm intensity varies from man to man. Though ejaculation may feel weaker than normal to you, it may not be a problem unless it impacts your enjoyment of sex. A weaker orgasm may not feel as satisfying as a stronger one.

What causes weak ejaculation?

Weakened pelvic muscles

To strengthen the muscles that help you ejaculate, you can try Kegel exercises.

Low hormone levels


Get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night.

Exercise — but not too intensely.

Don’t smoke.

Get more antioxidants like vitamins C and E, selenium, and lycopene in your diet.

Eat fewer trans fats

Exercises you can do to reduce ED:

Basic Kegel exercise

Aerobic exercise

Try Yoga: in

5 Yoga poses for erectile dysfunction

Paschimottanasana – This posture is also known as a seated forward bend. 

Uttanasana – Also known as standing forward bend

Baddha Konasana [often] referred to as Bound Angle Pose or even Butterfly Pose.

Janu Sirsasana – Head-to-knee pose

Dhanurasana – Also known as Bow Pose

Your cumload may depend on how aroused you are with your partner and how many times you came that day. If your partner is disappointed, tell him/her that you’ve had a few before but he/she is the best!

Check out what a porn-star has to say about cumloads:

How to Jizz Good

Should you see a doctor?

See your doctor if:

  • Your ejaculations are weak or contain less fluid than usual.
  • You can’t get an erection.
  • You have pain during or after sex.
  • There’s blood in your semen.
  • Your urine is cloudy after you orgasm.

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