A personable domme

Many people characterize the personality of the prodomme as “icy-cold, sadistic”, but there are exceptions.

It’s refreshing to meet a dominatrix who shares her life with you.

The most personable Lady J. shares her inner thoughts with us via social media

Lady Jessica @LadyJessica285

is married to


and is (by her own description) ” Professional dominatrix. Femdom / BDSM. Bisexual. Switch. …friend to many

I was always submissive in nature. A few years ago I was a sub slave, and in danger even though I was blind to it. A dominatrix in the community saw that, and “saved” me. She has been a mentor and one of my best friends, and has helped me realize my Dominant potential. .. My spouse was my first submissive. Made some big mistakes. I was really into sissification and forced feminization with him. Started out as kinky fetish, but I took it too far. Turned into something sadistic and mean. Ended up doing psychological damage. … I became much more conscious of RACK and SSC after that. I had known of it but hasn’t really incorporated it. Biggest lesson I learned was I needed to get a handle on my anger, because it was clouding my focus and sane judgement as a Dominant. .. Since then, there have been a handful of times I made myself walk away from ascene because I didn’t trust myself … Even though I’ve been dominating hubby for over 3 years, I’m still relatively new at being pro. It’s been a real struggle this year. There were stretches I didn’t have a single client. I felt like a failure much of the time. … I don’t wear a lot of BDSM or fetish gear. I do have a couple of (faux) leather outfits I wear once in a while, usually for initial sessions. I hate latex / PVC. And even my heels are pretty modest. I prefer comfort. I don’t need to draw off my look for my authority … I was pretty vanilla much of my life until I submitted to my Master. I had fantasies and was aware of how I reacted to the idea of certain kinks, but I never acted on them. I was always afraid of what my husband would think of me.

She writes:

I love bookstores. I once fantasized about owning a bookstore.. I can literally spend hours in them. And it makes me sad they’re dying … I love animals, almost more than people. If @SubHubbyBilly comes home and tells me they had a call where a person died, I may be like “oh that’s sad.” But if he tells me they had a call and a dog died, I’ll cry for like 20 minutes. … Growing up we alternated Christmasses, every other year with my mother’s family in France. I only have a couple of cousins on dad’s side but a ton on mom’s side, so our French Christmasses were my favorites …

The first night I spent with @SubHubbyBilly, I went into his drawer and put on one of his Team USA shirts to sleep in. He never got it back. .. Even though I’ve known I like girls from pretty much as long as I remember, I didn’t come out as bisexual until last year. Growing up in Ireland I suppressed it, then I married young and continued to suppress it, until I couldn’t take it anymore. … I went to a parochial school where spanking and other corporal punishment was used as discipline. Catholics in Kerry were a little slow in getting the message striking a child not the greatest of ideas … I abandoned religion years ago. But hubby is still practicing Catholic. Once in a while I go to mass with him, just so I can whisper in his ear during prayer “your god has betrayed you, I’m your Goddess now. Your body and soul are mine; not even He can save you”


I enjoy sex. Ive had several partners. I’m queer. I am highly educated with an advanced degree. I’m “eurotrash”. I speak 4 languages. I was a college athlete. I speak my mind. And I cuss like a trucker. By Alabama standards, nothing about me is feminine. And I’m okay with that.

I think of myself as a lesbian who also loves her husband and the occasional cock

Mistress Kye ~ #eXXXotica Dungeon Dominatrix‏ @MistressKye


There is a giant misconception, largely due to porn, that a Lifestyle

There is a giant misconception, largely due to porn, that a Lifestyle Domme or Pro Dominatrix is a man-hating woman out to degrade & beat men. It is quite the contrary. An authentic Dominant is a TRUE nurturer…We put the well being & best interest of our partner first.

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interested in alternative relationships, visual artist, erotic romance writer and reviewer of erotica, drug rehab clinic intern - early 30's
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