Slave takes his punishment

Male submissives are often punished by their dominant.

In Submissive Male Behavior Modification (F/m Psychology)

you eventually define completely for the male what IS a reward and what IS a punishment and that he agree with you. ..
To completely control your male’s behavior you must control his mind …
as a punishment, a good old fashioned spanking …as a reward, have the male wash your panties, rub your feet, back, lick your pussy, 

Review every day with him how he feels and what he believes. Encourage him to be honest, reward him for it. Be sure you approve of all his thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps make a “Creed” for him to recite to you every day. Include in it a firm statement of all the things you want your male to believe and feel. (I am the slave of so and so, my sole purpose is to serve her pleasure. It is my joyous pleasure to clean her house, cook her meals and wash her clothes. I serve her well. I love to make her happy. I always do as I am told

Punishment varies according to the type of relationship a sub guy has with his dominant partner and by the type of infraction.

A comprehensive post of these types of punishments by  Mistress Kylie is on *Tumblr at this link 

In Slave’s Suggestions to Mistress: Punishments & Games

The submissive makes a list of possible punishments, amusements, and slave rules for my mistress to consider.

… to give my mistress ideas, and some insight into my own submissive fantasies.

“You had every chance slave, I am disappointed that it is necessary to punish you again”

In the next section, I included a post by Mistress Sofia about how her submissive receives his punishment. The setup has him realizing that he did not complete the chores she set out for him in the time expected.

How he approached his domme for his punishment and became convinced that he could endure more from her. Read more here

*tumblr is currently deleting adult content. The link may be “deactivated”.

Sofias Dilemmas

He entered the room, stopped a respectful distance from his mistress and fell to his knees. Head bowed he waited silently for her to vent her wrath on him.

” Well slave, what have you to say for yourself ?”


” Forgive me mistress , I tried my hardest to finish my task in the time you generously allotted me but I failed , I have no excuse and am here to receive my punishment”

“You had every chance slave, I am dissappointed that it is necessary to punish you again”

Sofia stretched and he was aware of her smoothe long tanned legs as she crossed them in front of him. She had kicked off her shoes and now her beautiful feet were under his nose . He could see the line of her arch her beautiful toes , the deep red polish on her nails, such perfection. Nervous as…

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