A new toy?

Can a dominant have tease and denial with her submissive without a sexual experience?

In Adrianas 7 Tease and Denial Games to Drive Him Wild and Have Better Orgasms

When you don’t let your man orgasm, you’re the one with all the power.

In Orgasm Control, Teasing and Denial

Orgasm Control or Denial is a broad term for the form of power exchange dynamic wherein a person has an aspect of their sexual pleasure and satisfaction controlled by another, usually a Dominant. It’s a beautiful blend of sadistic delight and extreme arousal that is also a very intimate and often experience altering exchange. Doing it well can be a challenge, a fact many find out the hard way, and that often leads to either frustrated expectations or discouragement from further exploration…For many, orgasm control or denial play can be part of an ongoing little fantasy that you want preserved. You may beg and plead to be given some relief but deep down, you really want to be told no, or to be reminded of the power someone has.

If you remove the ability of someone to find satisfaction you will likely need to find other ways to keep that sense of sexual intimacy and excitement alive. Pure, unadulterated frustration gets old after a while and it can lead to resentment or distraction. ..knowing how to balance sexual engagement … is key to maintaining the mutual enjoyment of denial or control.

Miss D

Remember mutt? The subby boy I topped at the Christmas party? Well Daddy said I can have him as a play partner if I want. When he told me, it felt like he was giving me a present… a shiny new toy to play with.

I was surprised when Daddy gave me permission. I thought the subject was closed. But he knows me and he knows even though I find the most joy and fulfillment in my submission to him, I have other urges. I can try and suppress them…  and I would try, if it pleased him. I told him this. But they would surface unbidden.

I think he gets that and that’s why he said I could have mutt if I wanted. I’m not sure I’ll take him on yet. My tendency has been to jump into things without thinking things through. That has gotten me into some predicaments…

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