How a couple discovered their dominant & submissive roles and celebrated it in a femdom marriage


They found their inner desire to reverse the husband & wife role, had a special marriage ceremony and are now happy #femdomMarriage

Serving my Beautiful Goddess

Relationships change, people change, beliefs change, how we see each other in a marriage can also change, as did mine.

We have been married 10 years now and our marriage is no different as with everything in life, it changed. Slowly but surly  the way we see ourselves and see each other in the past 10 years has done a 180.

I think as with every marriage you never really get to know someone 100% as far as their good & bad habits and their true desires until you get married and start sharing a life together 24/7 under the same roof.

When we first met I was your typical red blooded American male in charge of his life and marriage as what is expected out of society. I did the “man” things each day and my beautiful wife did the “female” things.

Soon after we got married I learned really quick a few…

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