How do I get my wife/girlfriend to dominate me?

Most women prefer a sexually dominant man. There are ways to persuade a woman to dominate you.

First, is a guy is submissive, he would do well to hook up with a dominant partner if only to have more offspring.

Why do some women prefer submissive men? Hierarchically disparate couples reach higher reproductive success in European urban humans.

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Human pairs with a hierarchic disparity between partners conceive more offspring than pairs of equally-ranking individuals, who, in turn, conceive more offspring than pairs of two dominating partners. Importantly, the higher reproductive success of hierarchically disparate pairs holds, regardless of which sex, male or female, is the dominant one. In addition, the subjects preferring hierarchy disparity in partnerships were with greater probability sexually aroused by such disparity, suggesting that both the partnership preference and the triggers of sexual arousal may reflect a mating strategy.

Which says that hierarchy in a relationship encourages arousal which, in turn, can produce more babies.

For a submissive guy to get into a successful relationship check out: How do sexually submissive men get into successful relationships?

There are definitely women out there…who would prefer a submissive man. I feel much more comfortable in a dominant role; I think if my partner’s masculinity wouldn’t be threatened in the relationship if I were more dominant or “manly” in some respects, the relationship could work out really well – and make both people happy and comfortable in roles of dominance/submissiveness that come more naturally to them.

Ways a sub guy can encourage his dominant partner. Read more in this post

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Diane is a yoga instructor and Dominatrix who has previously written about the benefits of yoga for submissives. She writes here in response to a question from a male submissive about that post. In Part 1 she looked at how to approach someone you don’t know who has made it clear she is Dominant; here Diane considers how to raise the tricky subject of D/s with someone who might not be so keen.


Part 2 – with a vanilla spouse/significant other or when you don’t know if the person defines themselves as Dominant

Don’t freak them out

If you want a happy ending to this story, don’t jump in feet first. Best case you’ll get laughed at, worst case you’ll be reported to the police.

As this post was prompted by a question about whether it was OK to expect domination…

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