How a domminant communicates to her submissive to reinforce her dominance


In How To Talk Like a Mistress

Before a Mistress can communicate anything…She must first know what it is She “wants” to communicate… to understand “what” it is You want to accomplish with Your words

In Position Manual for submissive males – Introduction 

Goddess Ezada Sinn writes:

The Domme acts and the slave reacts…her communication will be giving orders mainly…the slave understands those correctly and then immediately reacts to them.Mistress and slave will only be able to reach this ultimate goal of total power exchange if this basic understanding is there and works



How a dominant reworks a simple request into a command to reinforce the relationship she has with her submissive…and how he responds to it….check out this post by Mistress Scarlett

A dominant can reinforce the D/s relationship with her submissive by giving him direct orders. The submissive must listen to her intently and follow the orders quickly.

Mistress Scarlet's Blog

It is useful, as often as possible when it’s just the two of you, even in vanilla times, to issue a curt instruction instead of a polite request . It will keep him subjugated to you and in awe of you and make you feel like the queen you are. Instead of, ‘Please get me a cup of tea hun,’ you say ‘Get me tea hun.’ Or go even more curt than that.

‘Tea now.‘ or perhaps that is too curt and so,

‘Tea now bitch.’ or ‘Tea now puppet.’ or ‘Tea now slave.’ or ‘Tea puppet.’

NEVER SAY THANK YOU! Instead of you thanking him when he delivers, he must thank you. He only need to say the two words, ‘Thank you’, but you both know he means, ‘thank you for the privilege of being allowed to serve you amazing goddess. I know you could replace me…

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