is your relationship dead if you don’t give head? why (some) guys don’t like going down on women-


Although it’s fashionable for guys to go down on women lately, there are guys who will not.

I covered the reverse situation where some women do not want oral sex are to be shamed for their position. How does a guy know if a woman wants oral sex?

From Giving Oral Sex To A Woman: Techniques, Tastes & Scents

you don’t have to ask…she’s grabbed your head and tried to pull your face inside her.

Or if she’s sitting on top of you, she has ground herself into your face so that your nose or tongue has gone halfway up to her womb.

In that case, if she is riding your face like you’re a horse, or if she’s grabbing the back of your head and pulling your face deep inside her, you’re pretty safe to assume she likes what you’re doing.

More fun comes when you have her help you gain access to the most sensitive tissues in her body.

Bring her hands on down and ask her to open herself for you so you have the clit like a shining pink pearl waiting uncovered.

Many guys who object to going down on a woman say it is emasculating for them.

in Chrissie CrawfordDo straight men consider giving oral sex emasculating?

there’s no one way men of any orientation will or will not feel in regards to giving or receiving oral sex. 

Many men do not want to talk about their position on the matter because it may reveal their inexperience and inability to please a woman:

In Men Explain (In Great Detail) 4 Reasons They Won’t Go Down On Women

most guys don’t want to admit that they don’t know how to please a woman fully… it’s about a fear of losing their masculinity

Alternately, some guys think they must perform oral sex on a woman to prove their masculinity but this attitude often has a catch.

in TRACY CLARK-FLORY’s There’s a new macho sex boast

quotes Lux Alptraum, CEO of Fleshbot,

“The pairing of oral skill with manliness makes cunnilingus less about the woman receiving it than about the man performing it” and “the woman’s pleasure more about validating the man’s skill than about the woman herself having a good time.”

Here are why some guys don’t like performing oral sex on women reasons:

In Jessica Booth’s post: 10 Things Guys Don’t Like About Giving Oral Sex To Women

  • They Don’t Like The Taste Here are some foods that might improve the taste (administered orally): pineapple, Green Veggies (but not asparagus, broccoli), Berries/Fruit, Water, Yogurt, Peppermint tea, Honey, Cranberries
  • There’s Discharge
  • Their Tongue Gets Sore
  • The Smell
  • They Think About What Else Goes On Down There
  • How The Vagina Looks
  • Sometimes They Don’t Know What They’re Doing
  • The Pubes
  • Sometimes The Girl Doesn’t Return The Favor
  • Sometimes There Isn’t Enough Communication


Here are some remarks from guys from Lorenzo Jensen III,  17 Men Confess Why They HATE Going Down On Women

  • I felt it was just like putting your mouth on a toilet seat
  • Ugh, why does this taste like fish?
  • The smell coming from her panties made me gag from three feet away
  • I’ve been with a enough women to know that the taste of vagina generally grosses me out
  • I’m not going to go down a girl that has a messy bush, smells bad, tastes really sour, or generally looks messy
  • Going down a girl just does nothing for me
  • For women, the glory hole and the shit hole are so close together that it smells like shit unless she has just taken a shower.
  • It is disgusting to do. It bleeds profusely every month. The pee from it never can quite get cleaned properly
  • I just can’t stand the act of sticking my tongue inside there
  • I get a mouthful of hair
  • The vagina is a nightmare to handle with your mouth

If you’re a king you can expect your wife to go down on you but you don’t have to go down on her – Here’s what DJ Khaled had to say:



Giving Oral Sex To A Woman: Techniques, Tastes & Scents

there are troubles in cunnilingusville, [such as] the sad reality that not all vaginas are clean, healthy, tasty and appealing…If a girl is not a healthy girl…if she eats junk food, smokes cigarettes, does meth, drinks too much booze, doesn’t bathe enough or bathe properly, doesn’t exercise enough (so she doesn’t sweat out toxins), if she has sex with guys who ejaculate inside her, if she has a yeast infection or other vaginal infestations, if she is a nasty skank-ho, or even due to genetics, of course some girls don’t taste or smell good…a person’s natural smell can be a big, subconscious factor in whether a potential mate finds that person attractive or unattractive. When people say “there has to be chemistry” between lovers, it’s literally true…If you’re a girl who likes to have lots of guys inside her, or even just one guy, make sure the guys are clean…each girl is slightly different and you want to do a checklist of sucking, kissing, tongue-inserting, rubbing, opening the lips and licking inside her and other techniques…stopping after each technique to ask how she liked it…If you’re a woman and you love having someone lick inside you and suck your clit, and you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your vagina is healthy and clean, but your lover doesn’t love eating you, or complains that your smell or taste turns him/her off, you have to evaluate if that makes the entire relationship a problem…

In My boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me sexually – therapy

He’s perfectly happy for me to go down on him, and he even asks me to do it occasionally. But he has only done it for me twice, and the second time it was only for a couple of minutes. Since then, he has never done it again, and if I suggest it, his response will be that he’s ‘tired’. 

In Guys, your relationship is 50% dead if you don’t give head 

Sex is the only unique thing you’re meant to share with your spouse and nobody else; so you always have to make it bang!


And for a lot of women, a great and vital component of making that happen getting is amazing, oral sex.

quite a number of women have been heard to say good head can actually replace sex for them.

It’s not non-stop action and endless pumping, guys, just head.

Guys in a Femdom relationship.

If you’re in or about to enter into a femdom relationship here are some points to consider:


Most dominants will want you to perform oral sex on them when they want it. If you want the relationship to succeed, you’ll have to get your head into it and abandon all “guy objections”. Here are some tips that can help you:

You can initially accept the idea that going down on her is at least one way to make her happy and to reinforce your commitment to submit to her. You can communicate to her that you’d like her to clean up her area if it is too skanky or if it has too many pubes for your tongue to get past the thicket, etc. Suggest trying it in a shower with you kneeling before her after you’ve cleared the forest.  Offer to assist her in a bath. Serve her better foods as suggested previously.

Watersports isn’t for everybody but if she runs the idea by you, take her up on it. Let her do whatever it takes to get you aroused, get bound, chained, tormented and beaten and then let her drench you with her nectar in the shower or tub. Smell it, taste it. Just enough before you might gag. Savor it. Repeat after another session.

Let your passion for her acclimate you to the taste of her body and it’s variety of smells. You’ll reject her less as time goes on.

There are some in the bdsm community who believe drinking your partner is the best way to incorporate her body into yours. Of course, you have to be careful about it.

As you become more familiar with her body, you’ll become more tolerant in servicing her orally as she requires.

When you’re with your dominant always ask what you can do to make her happy. If she says: “obey me”, ask how you can obey her at this particular moment. If you approach every opportunity to service your dominant orally with gusto, you may find she’ll come to expect it at almost any time and place.

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