Joanna Angel Power Play Kit

A definitive post on bondage restraints

For a catalog of restraint pictures (and their prices), check this link

To learn about the purposes of restraining someone for sex, check this link

[restraints] are designed to keep a submissive from escaping or moving. They are often used during acts such as erotic humiliation, cock-and-ball torture, and discipline. Being restrained helps increase a submissive’s feelings of helplessness and humiliation; and makes it appear as though a dominant is in complete control…The most basic sex restraint is rope. Other sex restraints can include handcuffs, padded leather wrist cuffs, collars, body harnesses, full-body suits, bondage mitts, and under-the-bed restraint systems

For the uses of restraints in sex play, check this article A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM: Using and Enjoying Restraint Play Sex Toys

there are BDSM activities for everyone. Restraint play sex toys come in all stripes for all sorts of different sensations, for beginners and experts alike…If you are a bondage beginner, there is nothing to worry about. While every sexual scene has its own lingo and rules, the truth is all that matters is what you want to do with your sexual partner. You set your own rules and find your own level of comfort. You find the restraint play sex toys with which you are the most comfortable and which make you the happiest.

Locking Leather Neck-Wrist

Locking Leather Neck-Wrist



Beginner Fleece Bed Restraints Kit

This restraint kit fits underneath any sized bed and reaches around to firmly cuff your partner’s wrists and ankles. Sturdy fleece cuffs Velcro shut for the ultimate in comfort as well as security. Once you have them in your ideal position, feel free to use your favorite ticklers, whips, candles and other items to explore. Now you can enjoy teasing and pleasing your partner with bondage play…Part of the fun is strapping him down. He’s completely naked, and already throbbing hard, as I spread him out on the bed and slowly cuff him. Left wrist with my long hair teasing his chest, right wrist with my tits in his face. Left ankle with my ass in his face, right ankle with his cock brushing my belly. I’ve propped his head up with some pillows so he can watch my every move. His hands ball up into fists, desperate to touch himself. His toes curl with desire. I straddle him, but refuse to lower myself onto him, rubbing my pussy until my wetness drips onto him. Groaning, he throws his head back but can’t look away for long. He snaps back up as I slowly rub my slit against the head of his cock. The restraints are pulled taught as he struggles to touch me, but I shake my head and laugh. Crawling up toward his face, I whisper, “You can watch me for a little bit longer. And if you’re good, I’ll let you lick it.”



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